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Which day is the beginning of winter

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After the

leaves in autumn, the temperature usually drops very quickly. Sometimes it is common for the temperature to drop by 5 to 10 ℃ in a day. Therefore, everyone pays great attention to the work of keeping out of the cold, not only adding clothes, but also eating high calorie food for tonic. Let's explain the origin of Lidong to our friends and see how ancient people treated it.

立冬是哪一天 立冬的由来

which day is the beginning of winter

is around November 7 every year. To check the specific date, for example, this year corresponds to the third day of October in the lunar calendar, which is on Sunday. Due to China's vast territory, the South and North present different scenes, which reflects the changes of seasons. In ancient times, the beginning of winter was also divided into three Hou: at the beginning, the water began to freeze; Second, the ground begins to freeze; Three Hou, the pheasant into the flood is a mirage. Mirage, mussel. It means that after this season, the amount of solar radiation obtained in the northern hemisphere is less and less. At this time, there is still a certain surplus of heat stored on the surface in summer and half a year, so it is generally not too cold. The really cold stage needs to wait until the winter solstice after light snow and heavy snow, when it gradually enters the ninth cold day. What are the origins of




as early as thousands of years ago, China had a saying about solar terms, but the specific time is not easy to verify. We can peep into one or two from ancient books. For example, there is a record in the collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar order: "standing is the beginning of construction." it also says: "winter is the end, and all things are collected." it means that at the beginning of winter, all crops have been harvested and stored, which represents not only the coming of winter, but also the end of work and the hibernation of animals. As the first season in winter, it occupies an important position and tells people to stop agricultural production and start cold prevention and warmth preservation.

what flowers bloom

① Camellia: there are many colors, including red, purple, white and yellow flowers in varying degrees, and even colored striped camellia. It is a traditional ornamental flower in China. It ranks eighth among the "top ten famous flowers" and is very popular with everyone.

② Clivia: it has high ornamental value. It is mainly open in winter. It avoids strong light. It is a semi negative plant. It likes cool and avoids high temperature. It is generally displayed indoors or in parks.


③ plum blossom: it has the reputation of "three friends in cold years". Its noble, strong and modest character gives people the motivation to work hard. It usually blooms at low temperature. At this time, many plants wither, and the plum blossom is more eye-catching.

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