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The custom of Lidong health preservation

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in winter, we will find that the days are getting shorter and shorter. Coupled with the cold climate, we are reluctant to stay outside for a while, and fewer people exercise in the park. However, there will be rich activities during the festival. It is suggested that everyone should actively participate in it to feel the atmosphere of the festival happily. Let's go through one of the solar terms and see how it should be spent.

立冬的习俗 立冬的养生

the custom of the beginning of winter

① making dumplings: as soon as the solar term arrives, the whole family will start to be busy early in the morning, chopping and rolling pastry, with pork and cabbage filling, leek and egg filling, corn and mushroom filling, etc. there are many kinds, and they have to dip in vinegar and rotten garlic to have a special taste.

② eating green onions: it belongs to the special custom of Nanjing. As the saying goes, "half a green onion a day brings wind to your legs in winter". At the beginning of winter, old Nanjing people pay special attention to eating raw onions to resist the wet and cold in winter, reduce the occurrence of diseases and enhance immunity.

③ tonic: every family will eat some warm tonic food, including chicken soup, duck soup or mutton soup, and eat hot pot together to drive away the cold smell. What are the health preservation methods of


? ① pay attention to expelling the cold and keeping warm. Clothes should be warm and comfortable, which is conducive to the adaptation of Qi. When you go out, you should bring enough clothes, because the temperature difference between day and night is large, so as to prevent colds.

② balanced nutrition. In addition to mild tonic, we should also eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to avoid vitamin deficiency. However, we should not be too vegetarian. We should purposefully eat some foods that nourish yin and Yang and have high calories, such as beef, mutton, black chicken, crucian carp, soybean milk, milk and other foods, so as to regulate body functions.


③ take proper exercise. In the morning and evening, you can run, jump or go for a walk in the park to enhance your physique and physical immunity.

④ don't stay up late. The night is long. You should ensure enough sleep and have plenty of energy the next day.


solar terms related Ballads


winter is the stage for crops to pass the winter. You can also see the agricultural characteristics through the relevant ballads:


the Yang turns in the beginning of spring, and the rain flows along the river. When the crow cries, the land is dry at the spring equinox. Qingming busy planting millet, Grain Rain planting fields. At the beginning of summer, the goose feather lives, and the little birds come all over. There is no cotton at the summer solstice. A little heat is not hot, but a great heat is in dog days. Liqiu is busy making cushions and sickles in the summer. White Dew cuts millet, and there is no field at the autumnal equinox. The cold dew is not cold, and the frost has changed the sky. Land shall be sealed first at the beginning of winter, and Xiaoxue river shall be strictly sealed. The heavy snow turns into the winter moon, and the winter solstice is not good for boats. Xiao Han is busy comprador, and Da Han is going to celebrate the new year.

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