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What is the meaning of Lidong

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when the season comes to November, it is often sunny during the day. Although many people in the South still wear short sleeves, the chill in the air is already obvious, and the temperature will drop a lot at night. At this time, the beginning of winter solar term will be ushered in. It may be easy to know the date, but few people will notice that in a few minutes and seconds, let's popularize science.

立冬是什么几点 立冬的寓意

at what time

we should understand the solar term as a specific time point. With the development of science and technology, we can accurately calculate the detailed time now. The beginning of winter this year is at 12:58:37 on November 7, when the sun reaches 225 ° of the Yellow meridian. After the solar term, the sunshine time will continue to shorten and the noon sun height will continue to decrease. Northeast wind and north wind prevail in winter, and the temperature gradually decreases. Because the heat stored on the surface still has a certain amount of energy, it is not very cold in the early winter; However, in northern areas, it is already very cold before the beginning of winter. Some reach below zero, and the soil will be frozen, so we should take warm measures. What is the meaning of




are the beginning. Winter is winter, which refers to the beginning of winter. It reminds people that autumn should end completely and welcome the cold climate immediately. In the old days, there would be a ceremony to welcome the winter and pray for good weather and bumper crops in the coming year. Now they have evolved into sacrificial activities, such as incense or placing offerings at home, I hope the whole family is safe and healthy. At the same time, "winter" here also has rich meaning, which means collecting crops, suspending agricultural production, and people get together to eat some delicious food and have a good rest.

which vegetables are suitable for eating

① lotus root: it doesn't get angry and contains rich vitamins. It's nutritious, easy to digest and easy to make.

② Chinese cabbage: it is an essential vegetable for the beginning of winter. It has the reputation of "winter cabbage is as beautiful as bamboo shoots". It has high nutritional value, including clear frying or vinegar, and there are many cooking methods.

③ radish: mainly carrot, white radish or water radish, which is rich in enzymes that can promote digestion.

④ broccoli: it is rich in nutrition, including protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and carotene. Its nutritional composition ranks first among similar vegetables and is often used as seasoning.

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