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What soup does Lidong drink

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ancient people usually recorded the changes of seasons with beautiful poems. Today, it seems to be vivid on paper. Modern life is busy, but we still don't forget to celebrate relevant solar terms, such as making delicious food or participating in local customs and activities. Here's what soup is suitable for cold winter.

立冬的时间 立冬喝什么汤

the beginning of winter

the specific time of this year is 12:58:37 on November 7, 2021. Compared with the lunar calendar, it is on the third day of October. As a solar term reflecting seasonal changes, it occupies an important position in winter, because it ranks first, which means that autumn is coming to an end and will soon enter the cold stage, For a long time, it will be in low temperature. The so-called "land shall be sealed first at the beginning of winter, and the Xiaoxue river shall be sealed tightly". The farmland is also gradually idle, and the harvested crops are collected to give the crops a safe winter.

what kind of soup to drink

① grass root soup: this kind of soup is popular in central Fujian. It is usually made by chopping Angelica dahurica root, salt skin wood root, Litsea cubeba root and di Ren root into pieces, boiling a thick grass root soup in the pot, removing the root block, and then adding favorite meat.

② old duck soup: Southern Fujian is famous for ginger duck. Every family can cook duck soup and add ginger slices to it, which is mild and nutritious.

③ mutton soup: on the beginning of winter, the restaurant will gather many customers and drink a bowl of hot mutton soup, which has the effect of expelling the cold.

④ Adlay red bean soup: coarse grain soup is also very popular, which is conducive to regulating body function, beauty and refreshing.


diet precautions


should not be too tonic. Eat mild food, otherwise it is easy to get angry. In addition, it is not recommended to eat Taisu. You can eat daily meat such as chicken, duck or fish, which is good for supplementary nutrition. Also note that you can't mix and match at will. For example, some people like to eat turnips with wine and mutton with seafood. In fact, it's bad and harmful to their health. It is recommended to eat more nuts, such as peanut, walnut, chestnut, hazelnut, almond, etc., as well as fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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