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What does Lidong wear

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ancient China attached great importance to agriculture, so it relied on climate change and summarized rich experience. When everyone has worked hard for a year, they usually have a little rest in winter, and the crops are also fallow to prepare for next spring. This article will talk about the characteristics of the weather in this season.

立冬的天气 立冬穿什么

weather characteristics at the beginning of winter

due to China's vast territory and different characteristics, the overall temperature drops during the beginning of winter and keeps falling until the coldest weather comes. At this time, in northern South China, even if the cold wind sweeps, the temperature will rise rapidly. When it is sunny and windless, it is often said that "there is a little sunny spring in October, and there is no wind and warm". It is neither cold nor hot, and the climate is relatively pleasant. It often enters winter in December. Many places in the north have long been dry and cold, and farming is mainly to prevent drought and keep warm. In most of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Inner Mongolia and northern Heilongjiang, the average temperature has reached about - 10 ℃, which is very different from other places.

what is suitable for wearing

① you should wear clothes with high warmth retention and strong cold resistance. The raw materials are mainly comfortable. You should not wear too thin to prevent catching cold.

② take a coat when you go out, because the temperature difference between day and night is large. Whether in the South or North, if you return late, the temperature will drop sharply.


③ choose according to different age levels. For example, the clothes of the elderly are required to be broad, light, soft and fit. They feel comfortable to wear. At the same time, the clothes style should be simple and easy to wear and take off. When children buy Fabrics, it is best to have high cotton content, good air permeability and will not hurt fragile skin. What are the origins of


? As early as thousands of years ago, people used sundials to measure the shadow changes of the sun, so as to summarize the 24 solar terms. This calendar has been used for a long time. The ancients also used the season of beginning of winter to predict the cold and warm of winter, such as "beginning of winter is sunny, one winter is cold (cold); beginning of winter is overcast (cloudy and rainy), and one winter is warm (warm winter)". As the first solar term to arrive in winter, everyone attached great importance to it. In the old days, the emperor personally led the three gongs and nine Qing officials to the northern suburbs to "welcome the winter". Later, there was a custom of sacrifice among the people to pray for a good harvest in the coming year.

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