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When is the snowy solar term

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Every solar term of

and the impact on life are very important, but what aspects to understand is also something we should consider, because solar terms involve changes in the weather around us. If we want to make everything go smoothly, Then understanding the weather is essential.

大雪节气是哪天 什么时辰

the specific time of the heavy snow solar term in 2021

the time of the heavy snow solar term in 2021: December 7, 05:56:55, Tuesday, the fourth day of November (lunar calendar) in 2021. The weather will get colder after this day.

the agricultural proverb of the heavy snow solar term

1. The heavy snow falls early this winter and determines the main harvest in the coming year. 2. The heavy snow does not freeze down and the spring is cold. 3. The heavy snow river is sealed and the boat is not allowed in the winter solstice. 4. It is snowy and sunny. There is more snow in the beginning of spring. 5. It is not snowy and dry next year. 6. Cattle and sheep eat one layer, at least 10% less. 7. If you don't protect the trees in winter, you can't protect them. 8. Save feces in winter and farm well in the coming year. 9. The weather is getting colder and the barn is tightly blocked. 10. Regularly and quantitatively, draft first and then feed, and add less frequently. 11. The snowy pits and ponds are not frozen. Organize forces to dig deep pits if conditions permit. Full storage of water ensures fish culture in the coming year.


the blessing words of the snow solar term


the snowflakes are floating and blessing, the mood is happy and shaking, the career is brilliant step by step, the life is free and carefree, happy and sweet, running around, good luck and good luck, the whole family has no trouble, the snow solar term is here today, warm and don't catch a cold!


snowflakes fly, bringing happiness and auspiciousness; The north wind blows away sorrow and fatigue during the heavy snow solar term; Nourish in snowy season, be happy and healthy; The snow is coming, blessing is coming, SMS wish you all the best and good luck every day!


snow is flying in the sky. I wish you a bulging wallet; The snow drifted and drifted, and the bags were full of gold and silver treasures; The ground is white under heavy snow. I wish you a lot of money every year; The snow kept falling.

heavy snow falls and the cold wind roars. In this cold season, may my blessing go through the wind and snow, melt the solid ice and build a warm nest for you. Happy snow season.

gusts of cold wind, wandering around; Snowflakes are flying in the wind; Deep friendship, cherished in the bottom of my heart; Continuous thoughts are brewing in my heart; Sweet wishes are conveyed at your fingertips: May you be happy in the snow season.

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