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What's the date and time of the heavy snow solar term

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is around us. Every time is very important for us, but what way to consider the arrival time of a solar term is also a problem we should care about, because we need to be specific to the accurate time point. Only in this case can we ensure the success of the next life.

大雪节气时间是几号 几点

specific time of heavy snow solar term

light snow time in 2021: November 22, 10:33:34, October (small) 18th of the lunar calendar in 2021.

heavy snow time in 2021: December 7, 05:56:55, the fourth day of November (lunar calendar) in 2021.

winter solstice in 2021: December 21, 23:59:09, November (18th) of the lunar calendar in 2021.


are the most suitable outdoor endurance events such as jogging and fast walking in winter. These programs are mainly to exercise cardiopulmonary function. At the same time, football, basketball, tennis, badminton and other confrontational sports shall be reduced as much as possible. After all, in cold weather, if you do not warm up enough, it is very easy to cause damage to joints and soft tissues. Preparatory activities can raise body temperature, reduce muscle viscosity, relax muscles and make muscles reach the state required for exercise. It is not allowed to directly participate in high-volume activities without preparatory activities. If you do strenuous exercise directly, it is easy to cause muscle strain. Generally speaking, when you feel that you are sweating, it should be said that you have done enough warm-up. It is most appropriate to do other sports at this time.

farming activities of heavy snow solar term

is a popular saying in China. Heavy snow closes rivers and light snow closes mountains. From light snow solar term to heavy snow solar term, the amount of snow continues to increase. Generally speaking, the more snow falls at this time, the better. It plays a key role in the accumulation of surface water in the coming year. At this time, the snow can keep warm and moisturize winter wheat and prevent dry blowing in winter; Second, it can store the water needed for growth in the coming year; Third, it can freeze some insect eggs on the soil surface and reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests after wheat turns green. However, too much snow will also have an adverse impact on some facility agriculture, so some agricultural activities can not be relaxed, so we must pay more attention.

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