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When is the heavy snow solar term? Which solar term is after the heavy snow solar term

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for the arrival of each solar term, everyone should have their own considerations and views, especially when the snow solar term comes, how can we make a reasonable analysis? Because the 24 solar terms exist in order, what solar terms come after the snow solar terms?

何时大雪节气 大雪节气之后是哪个节气

the time of heavy snow solar term

in China, the heavy snow solar term is generally on December 7 or 8 every year. When the sun reaches 255 degrees of the Yellow meridian, the heavy snow solar term indicates the starting time and amount of snow. Like light snow, rain, grain rain and other solar terms, it is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation and a symbol of colder and colder weather.

is the solar term after the heavy snow solar term.

is the solar term after the heavy snow solar term in the twenty-four solar terms of the Chinese lunar calendar, and the solar term after the winter solstice. Winter solstice, commonly known as "winter festival", "long solstice" or "sub year old", etc. The winter solstice has both natural and humanistic connotations. It is not only an important solar term in the 24 solar terms, but also a common traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is regarded as a big festival in winter. There is a saying "the winter solstice is as big as a year" among the ancient people. The winter solstice is also called "small year". As soon as the winter solstice arrives, the new year is in front of us. Therefore, the ancients believed that the importance of the winter solstice is no less than that of the new year. In ancient times, people floating in other places had to go home for the winter festival at this time. The so-called "end of the year has a destination" winter solstice solar term has some customs such as eating dumplings in northern China.

the blessing words of the winter solstice solar terms

the cold wind blows, and what cannot be blown away is care; When the temperature drops, what can't drop is friendship; The cold is rampant. What is not cold is the enthusiasm of blessing; Sincere greetings, with the intensity of the cold wind and the intensity of cooling. I wish you to experience the heat of friendship and happiness from beginning to end. Happy winter solstice!

winter solstice quietly, load blessings, express happiness, deliver happiness, come Ruyi, drop happiness and airborne health to you. May you have blessings, happiness, happy companionship, happiness and health.


the winter solstice comes early. First, bless and say hello; Snowflakes floating, quiet, cordial greetings are indispensable; Miss more than wechat, I'm just afraid of your quarrel on weekdays; Solar terms to, is light snow, I wish you happiness!

years are an examination paper, testing the oath of the world; Distance is a ruler, measuring the depth of fate; Greeting is a colored pen, depicting the warmth of affection. In the winter solstice, may warm greetings reach your heart directly.


appeared on the winter solstice, and everyone applauded happily; Safe and beautiful travel, good mood every day; Christmas elegant transformation, people happy; On New Year's day, everyone will increase their happiness and longevity; The program continues. Don't forget to contact your friends!

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