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Key points and precautions for health preservation in heavy snow solar terms

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for everyone, how to better maintain their own body is a very important thing, because through certain ways, our body can always maintain a safe state, so as to ensure the smooth progress of our life. What aspects of health preservation should we pay attention to when the snow solar term comes?

大雪节气养生要点 注意事项

precautions for health preservation in heavy snow solar term

1. Pay attention to dietary conditioning

whenever it comes to heavy snow solar term, the indoor climate is dry and fresh vegetables are reduced, which will cause vitamin B deficiency and induce angular stomatitis. Therefore, we should drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables in winter. In this solar term, people can supplement their eating habits. During tonic, eat more warm foods such as garlic, leek, pepper, ginger, coriander, onion, yam, longan, chestnut and preserved apricot, so as to help keep out the cold.

2. Pay attention to cold prevention and warm keeping

snow solar terms. We should pay attention to the invasion of wind evil and cold evil, especially the head and feet. This is because the occurrence of some diseases has a lot to do with not paying attention to keeping warm. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the head, chest and feet of the human body are most vulnerable to cold evil, so we must protect these parts.

snow solar term health food

1. Mutton

mutton is very rich in nutrition, rich in protein, inorganic salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. Mutton has the effects of warming and tonifying deficiency, nourishing the liver, appetizing and strengthening the spleen, resisting cold and removing dampness. It has always been regarded as a good product for resisting cold and tonifying in winter. Eating often in winter can also maintain gastrointestinal mucosa and increase the secretion of digestive enzymes, so as to promote digestion and absorption.

2. Walnut

walnut is not only rich in unsaturated fatty acids, but also rich in phospholipids and vitamin E, which can not only promote health, but also contribute to cold resistance. It is very suitable for eating in winter.

heavy snow solar term health preservation taboo

1. Avoid staying up late

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, health preservation emphasizes regular work and rest and regular daily life. Health care attaches great importance to the physical and mental recuperation. It is considered that "sleeping and eating are the important tasks of health care." good sleep can supplement energy and restore energy, and has the effect of "nourishing yin and nourishing yuan". In order to adapt to "winter storage", sleep time should be appropriately increased at this time. Advocate going to bed early and sleeping more appropriately, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

2. Avoid wearing masks often

in order to keep out the cold, many people wear masks in winter. In fact, this will reduce people's ability to keep out the cold. If they wear masks all day, the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and the whole respiratory tract can't get exercise. If they get a little cold, they are easy to catch a cold. Some people like to use scarves as masks. Because the raw materials of scarves are mostly wool and chemical fiber fabrics, if the scarves are wrapped around the mouth, fibers and bacteria will be inhaled into the lungs during breathing, which is extremely unfavorable to human health and is very easy to be infected with diseases.

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