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Where is the custom of eating jujube cake during the snowy solar term

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has different customs and cultures among the people, especially when a solar term comes, there is a significant situation. Then, when the snow solar term comes, what kind of Customs exist in different regions and people need to respect it all the time. Where does the snow solar term eat red jujube cake?


where is the custom of eating red jujube cake in the snow solar term

when the snow solar term comes, eating red jujube cake is the favorite of Shaanxi people. Red jujube cake is a kind of jujube cake. Steam the dry red jujube, peel and core it, mash it into jujube paste, add an appropriate amount of walnut and sufficient sugar, and steam it through in a bowl. After ripening, pour it out and pour a spoonful of apricot nectar, which will become a seasonal food with rich jujube aroma and delicate taste. It is very nourishing to eat red jujube this season.

the custom of heavy snow solar terms

1. Heavy snow tonic

the arrival of heavy snow solar terms is also a good time for "tonic", which is known as "tonic in winter and fighting tigers in spring". Tonic in winter can improve the immune function of the human body, promote metabolism and improve the fear of cold. As the saying goes, "three nine make up one winter, and there will be no pain in the coming year". Winter tonic should supply food rich in protein, vitamins and easy to digest.

2. Enjoy the snow

it's sunny after the snow. The earth, mountains and rivers are like Qionglou Yuyu. It's interesting to look into the distance. According to the records on the twelfth lunar month in Tokyo's dreamland, "although there is no Festival order in this month, luxury homes have a feast in case of snow, plastic snow lions and install snow lamps to get married." children can make snowmen and have snowball fights with their parents or partners in the hospital and enjoy the fun of playing with snow.

taboo of snow solar term

1. Avoid wearing too much

at this time, if we wear too much and too thick, it will dilate the blood vessels of the skin and increase the blood flow to the skin, thus increasing the heat dissipation effect. In this way, it will reduce the adaptability of the body to the changes of external ambient temperature and be easy to get sick.

2. Avoid licking lips

some people often like to lick dry and cracked lips with their tongue in order to moisturize their lips. As a result, the more they lick, the more dry and cracked they lick. This is because saliva is used to moisten the mouth and digest food. It contains amylase and other substances. Licking it on the lips is like smearing a layer of paste on the lips. When the wind blows, the water evaporates, and amylase sticks to the lips, making it more dry. It will even cause dry crack and bleeding, cause infection and suppuration, and affect our daily diet and life.

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