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Is counting nine the beginning of the winter solstice

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winter is a frequent season in our life, because in later life, the arrival of winter is an inseparable connection to our current work and even the honor of life. Does the arrival of the ninth count mean the beginning of the winter solstice? We also need to understand this problem clearly. Does


, 冬至1,


count nine from the winter solstice? In China's traditional folk calculation method,


count nine on the day of the winter solstice. The annual winter solstice is from December 21 to December 23 of the Gregorian calendar. Counting nine starts from this day, it is 19 every nine days, with a total of 81 days. People call it "count nine cold days". Counting nine is a process of changing the weather from cold to warm, of which 39 is the coldest, and it is spring again when counting to 99, that is, the weather is gradually warming.


are the other names of the winter solstice? The


winter solstice are also called winter festival, Hedong Festival, long Solstice Festival, happy winter, sub year old, fat winter, etc. on the day of the winter solstice, the night in the Northern Hemisphere is the longest and the day is the shortest, so it is also called "long solstice" or "short solstice" (the night is the longest, or the day is the shortest). Therefore, there are also "long solstice" and "short solstice" festivals. The night before the winter solstice is called "winter solstice night". The theory of Yin Yang and five elements concludes that the winter solstice has the image of "one Yang living", so the winter solstice is also called "one Yang Festival". Cao Zhi's "Ode to socks on the winter solstice" records: "in the prosperous period of a thousand years, one Yang Festival, the four sides pay Thailand, and all things show Su".

winter solstice suitable sports

1. Walking

with the acceleration of the pace of life, there are almost no leisure seasons to enjoy life. Even on weekends, we need to work overtime. In fact, we can take a walk to regulate our health, It can exercise our waist and legs well, and is also helpful for blood circulation and cold resistance. Therefore, walking is very necessary for health preservation.

2. Jogging

jogging is a kind of aerobic exercise. We are not suitable for some vigorous exercise in cold winter, especially in the coldest days of the winter solstice. The body will shrink blood vessels and reduce the extension under the influence of cold. We are not suitable for some vigorous exercise at this time, So we can choose jogging, but we'd better do some warm-up exercises.

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