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Whether the winter solstice is counting nine is not the same thing

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The arrival of

winter solstice means that winter is not far from us. Is the arrival time of winter solstice the first day of counting nine? From which perspective should we understand this aspect? Because the winter solstice is one of the 24 solar terms, it also has an extraordinary significance for our life.

冬至是不是就是数九 冬至是数九的第一天吗

whether the winter solstice is counting nine

in Chinese folk parlance, the winter solstice and counting nine are not the same thing. The winter solstice is not only an important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, but also an important traditional festival of the Chinese nation. Ancient people believed that the winter solstice was the starting point for calculating the 24 solar terms in China. On the winter solstice, the sun almost shines directly on the Tropic of cancer, with the shortest day and the longest night in the northern hemisphere. After this day, the sun gradually moves northward, and the day will grow day by day. Counting nine is a way to calculate the cold time.

winter solstice is the first day of counting nine.

counting nine has another name among the people, which is the solar term among the people in China. The coldest time in winter is counting nine days, especially in March. The annual winter solstice is from December 21 to 23 of the Gregorian calendar, and counting nine starts from here. Therefore, the day of the winter solstice is the beginning of counting nine. People count nine from the winter solstice, every nine days is a nine. Counting to 39 is when the ground heat is the least, which is also the coldest season. From 19 to 99, the whole process of counting the ninth is the process from cold to warm. Therefore, people call this 81 day "counting the ninth cold day". By 99, it is sunny and warm spring has come.

the blessing words of the winter solstice

thousands of miles are frozen and snowflakes are floating, and the north wind is biting and the body is cold. The winter solstice changes day and night, and the length of day and night changes. The heavy cotton padded jacket protects the body and warms the body. Don't be ugly and make the body cold. Be energetic and healthy, and usher in a wonderful spring. Happy winter solstice!


when the winter solstice comes, friends laugh and receive SMS from close friends. Care and greetings, psychological music, warm and considerate blessings. Such as holding warm treasure in the chest, giving charcoal in the snow and true love. Wish friends a good winter solstice, happiness, health and auspicious photos!


hold the hand of the winter solstice. I want the lion to open his mouth and don't let the cold go with you. Borrow the wind from heaven and earth to empty your troubles; Borrow a beam of light from the sun and moon to warm your heart; By missing a little, let happiness surround you.


in winter solstice, emotional walls to resist the wind and cold; The bonfire of friendship warms the heart; Friendly clothes and trousers keep warm and keep out the cold; The wave of greeting is pleasing to the heart. May you take care of the winter solstice, everything is safe, happy and happy forever!

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