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Is counting nine from the second day of the winter solstice

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When the winter solstice comes, the weather will certainly change, but whether this change is positive or negative needs us to consider. On the second day of the winter solstice, is it the time to count nine? What kind of calculation method should be adopted to make a reasonable understanding and analysis in the past?


counting nine starts on the second day of the winter solstice. The

counting nine season starts from the day when the union meets in the winter solstice. It enters the "counting nine", commonly known as "jiaojiu". Later, it is a unit every nine days, called "Nine". After nine "Nine", it is just 81 days, that is, "out of nine". At that time, the flowers bloom in spring, The temperature will also rise.

how to calculate

number nine solar terms in folk algorithms are calculated from the union day of the winter solstice in winter (the first union day after the winter solstice is called "jiaojiu", which means the beginning of cold). Every nine days is a "nine", the first nine days are called "Nineteen", the second nine days are called "twenty-nine", and so on On the eighty-first day, "nine peach blossoms bloom", the weather is warm. As a folk saying goes, "three gengs fall in the summer solstice, and nine in the winter solstice.". Generally, the coldest time of the year is the "April 9th" period; By the time of "99", the cold disappeared, the spring was warm, and the south of China had already entered spring. Introduction of


counting Nine Season


counting nine season belongs to one of the miscellaneous solar terms in China and is one of the customs widely spread among the people in China. Counting nine is from the date of the winter solstice (it is also said that from the winter solstice), one "Nine" every nine days, and so on. The so-called "hot in three volts, cold in forty-nine", the coldest period of the year is "thirty-nine, forty-nine days". Count nine until the eighty-one day of "Nine Nine", when the peach blossoms bloom. At this time, the cold is exhausted and the weather is warm. Due to China's vast territory and great differences in climate, only some parts of China, not all over the country, correspond to the "September 81 day, nine peach blossoms bloom, and the warm day in late spring" on the day of the winter solstice. Some cold areas do not have the breath of spring in spring, which is inseparable from China's vast territory.

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