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Is it the beginning of the winter solstice or the beginning of the union day

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counts nine. What kind of meaning does it have in our life? What kind of situation does it represent? Especially at the beginning of counting nine, we must know its start time and end time. What is the situation of the winter solstice, one of the counting nine and 24 solar terms? This should also be noted.


counting nine starts from the winter solstice or the Ren day.

counting nine starts from the Ren day after the winter solstice (the first Ren day after the winter solstice is called "jiaojiu", which means the beginning of cold). Every nine days is a "Nine". The first nine days are called "Nineteen" and the second nine days are called "twenty-nine", By analogy, on the eighty-one day of the ninth, when the peach blossoms bloom at the end of the ninth, the weather will be warm. As a folk saying goes, "three gengs fall in the summer solstice, and nine in the winter solstice.". Generally, the coldest time of the year is the "April 9th" period; When it comes to "99", the cold disappears and welcomes the arrival of spring.

winter solstice regimen

1 go to bed early and get up early

during the winter solstice, you should go to bed early and get up early. In winter, the temperature is relatively low, and everything enters hibernation, but you can't hide in the quilt all day, but you still have to go out and walk around.

2 reduce the amount of exercise

during the winter solstice, you should reduce the amount of exercise. For the elderly, you can have an appropriate amount of sleep for a while. Don't wander outside to avoid catching a cold.

the agricultural proverb about the winter solstice

1. The winter solstice is not far from November

2. The winter solstice is as big as the year

3. The winter festival night is the longest and it is difficult to get sunlight.

4. Winter festival pills are eaten for the new year.

5. No rain in winter solstice and clear in winter.

6. The winter solstice is at the beginning of the month, and the cold is great; The winter solstice is in the middle of the month, and it is cold and frost free; The winter solstice is at the end of the month, and the cold is February.

7. Winter is at the head, selling quilt to buy cattle; Winter is at the end. Sell cattle to buy Quilts.

8. Winter festival black, big Su (sunny and warm); Winter festival red, big delay (wet, cloudy and rainy).

9. At sunrise in the winter solstice, cattle are frozen to death in the new year.

10. The weather is fine in the winter solstice and fruits will be born in the coming year.

11. Winter solstice day. Jia meets Taoli Nai.

12. The winter solstice rice has no mowing and takes off a basket of

overnight 13. It is not cold until the winter solstice and not hot until the summer solstice.

14. Ploughing in the winter solstice, one plow is better than one gold. Plough gold before the winter solstice and iron after the winter solstice.

15. Winter solstice radish and summer solstice ginger, eat at the right time without pain.

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