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Which day of the year starts on December 21, 2021

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When the new year comes, the changes of

are very different. Especially this year, which day represents the beginning of counting nine? How to calculate is a very important situation. After all, the impact on our later life needs us to consider through various methods.

冬至(420x280) 无字

the start time of counting nine in 2022

the start time of counting nine in 2022 starts from the winter solstice in 2021, that is, counting nine on December 21, 2021.

nine blessings

1. The cold wind and the cold weather mean that winter will come soon. At this time, we should remember to send a cold blessing message to our relatives and friends, remind them that the weather is getting cold, take care of their health, and wish them a happy winter. I believe the following text messages will be very suitable.

2. How can the frozen world thaw and recover overnight, and how can the newly awakened earth be prosperous overnight? May you accumulate and create.

3. Snowflakes dress up beautiful winter; Cold wind, hand in hand, cold air strikes; Bless and convey the truth; SMS, send warm tips: remember to add more clothes in cold weather, do more exercise, strengthen your body, and live a healthy and happy winter!

4. Too busy to forget the long lost greetings; Whether the friendship that has been idle for a long time has rusted; Feel guilty and look back in a hurry. Is your smile still? Good friend, the weather is getting cold, pay attention to adding clothes!

the agricultural proverb about number nine

1. No action in 1929; Three nine four nine walk on the ice;

5969 look at the willows along the river; Eight or nine wild geese come from the seven or nine rivers;


nine plus one nine, farm cattle walk everywhere.

2. In southern areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, it is said that "the first nine days are warm, the second nine days are cold, the third nine days are frozen to a hundred birds, the fourth nine wax center is frozen to death, the wax insect essence is 5945, the knife is cut not into the soil, 6954, it is meaningless to be cold again, 7963, clothes and hats can be pulled, 8972, cats and dogs look for the shade, 9981, grass and green leaves."


" 3. On September 19 and 29, the sky was cold and chilly; on March 9, the sharp mouth was nine, and the dripping water turned into frozen Ryukyu;


were the coldest on April 9, and pedestrians on the ice walked in groups; on May 9, they returned to YANGJIU and planted willows along the river bank;


on June 9, thawed September 9, and gradually relaxed their hands; Qu index was 79, took off their cotton clothes and walked along the road;


Every family plows and harrows at the end of August and September. When they open their mouths and say "September", the bullwhip rings everywhere.


are at the end of September, and the flowers and plants are thick in winter and spring.

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