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Which day begins to count the blessings of nine

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in our life, no matter what impact it is, it should involve some changes in weather and time. So when will foot binding begin? What kind of situation does it represent? This is an aspect that we should pay attention to, because it can give us more thinking space.


counting the beginning of nine

counting the beginning of nine is from the union day in the winter solstice (the first union day after the winter solstice is called "jiaojiu", which means the beginning of cold), every nine days is a "Nine", the first nine days are called "Nineteen", the second nine days are called "twenty-nine", and so on, It's all the time in 1999. What does


mean when meeting the union


there is a saying widely spread among the people in China, that is, the doggerel "three gengs count the heads and nine in the summer solstice, and only nine in the winter solstice", which is the calculation method of "falling in" and "counting nine" handed down by the ancients. Literally, the third "Geng day" after the summer solstice began to fall. After the winter solstice, the first "Ren day" begins to count nine. This is our algorithm for dog days and counting nine days.

nine blessings

1. Misunderstanding of health preservation in winter: if you often lick your lips, it will be drier; Wear too much clothes and run out of heat; Sleeping with your head covered, you are in a bad mood; Skin itching, do not scratch; Warm by fire, chilblain arrives early; Blind tonic, physical disorder.

2. Raise Yang in winter, choose proper food, nourish yin and moisten dryness: tremella, pear and honey; Less spicy and more sour, less spicy, more sour fruits, such as apples and pomegranates; It is suitable to drink milk, soybean milk and Shengjin liquid. I wish you a lot of health in winter!

3. Make soup for you at the winter solstice. Please taste it yourself: a bowl of mutton soup, complacent and happy; A bowl of spareribs soup can strengthen the muscles and bones and strengthen the body; A bowl of dog meat soup is nutritious and healthier. The winter solstice is auspicious!


4. Do you like to travel alone, and the financial resources roll to your house. The family is auspicious, popular, and blessed. During the winter solstice, I wish you good health, lots of happy events, prosperous people, wealth and happiness!

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