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What is the number of the third ninth Gregorian calendar

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counting nine should not be a very strange existence in people's life, because it has a very important impact on the weather in people's life. From the perspective of pressure, what is the specific time point of counting nine? When will the third nine come to us?


count nine. The third nine of

count nine is from January 8, 2022 to January 16, 2022. The generation mechanism of


number nine "after the arrival of the winter solstice in winter, the daytime is the shortest, the angle between the direct sunlight angle and the ground is the smallest, and the sunshine intensity received by the ground per unit area is the smallest. Therefore, the ground receives the least solar heat every day, and the daily heat budget deficit on the ground has not reached the maximum. After the winter solstice, although the daytime increases day by day, the growth rate is very slow. From the winter solstice to the "March 9th" period, the average daily growth is only about one minute. At the same time, the angle between the direct sunlight and the ground increases very slowly. The daily heat budget on the ground is still in a deficit, so the heat continues to lose and the ground temperature continues to decline. The deficit of total ground heat budget reached the maximum only in the "April 9th" period, and because the air temperature is mainly affected by the ground temperature, it leads to the lowest temperature in the "March 9th and April 9th" periods. In addition, the cold air mass in Siberia also developed to an extremely strong stage before and after the "March 9th" movement. The frequent invasion of strong cold air is also one of the reasons for the low temperature, but the temperature rises after several days.

there is a folk saying that three gengs fall in the summer solstice and nine in the winter solstice. "The method of counting nine has been passed down from mouth to mouth in some parts of China. There is history and lack of records. As for when it originated, there is no exact data. The ancients followed the example of heaven, took the image from the earth, set the solar terms to know the rhythm, and made the calendar to know the time change; Qi is divided into yin and Yang, everything flows, personnel is connected with astronomy, and the Great Tao is formed in nature. In China's traditional philosophy, the rise and fall of yin and Yang, the growth and decline of Yang and the disappearance of Yin symbolize the warm to cold Go. In traditional culture, nine is the extreme number, which is the largest, largest and longest concept. The nine nines, that is, 81, is the "largest but" number. Nine is the number of "Zhiyang", also known as the old Yang, and nine is the largest number. The accumulation of "Zhiyang" means that the Yin Qi decreases day by day, and the accumulation of "Zhiyang" has reached the end of nine times, which means that the cold goes away and warms, "and spring is deep "Well, it's time for spring ploughing, and it's time for farming."

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