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When does the general count of nine days begin

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What is the meaning of

counting nine? This is an aspect that we should consider. In addition, when we count nine days, we should also know what we should do in the future and how to calculate its start time? What about our later life?


when does counting nine days begin? The

counting nine is also known as winter nine in Chinese folk. It is a method to calculate the dates of cold days and warm flowers in spring. Counting nine starts from the 24 solar terms winter solstice, counting nineteen every nine days, and so on. Generally, it is coldest at 39:00, which is the coldest time of the year. At this time, people hide at home and don't go out.

the blessing of the winter solstice solar term

the exhortation of snow, the tenderness of the wind, the concern of the clouds and the warmth of the sun are pieced together into fragments of greetings. In the winter solstice, it is more unforgettable when it is cold every day. Don't catch a cold. Drink plenty of water and walk often. I wish you peace of mind and body!

the winter solstice sends you "warm sunshine", and Ji Xiangyong is with you. The winter solstice gives you "good luck", good luck and long financial resources; The winter solstice sends you "peace talisman", healthy, safe and happy; The winter solstice sends you "blessing for a long time", with deep affection and fragrance forever!

the winter solstice is the day when the earth is farthest from the sun, just like the distance between you and me. I wish my friends far away: in this cold winter, pay attention to protect your body, keep warm, be happy and healthy!


look at Christmas and the winter solstice. They are safe far and near. They know the true face of the festival and send greeting messages to their eyes. Christmas and winter solstice produce purple smoke. Looking at the festival from a distance, happiness goes down 3000 feet and happiness falls for nine days. Happy holidays!

how to take tonic for nine days

taking tonic for nine days should be based on the principle of catering for people. When taking tonic in winter, we should combine food tonic and medicine tonic, and warm tonic is appropriate. Commonly used tonics include ginseng, Astragalus membranaceus, donkey hide gelatin, Cordyceps sinensis, Shouwu, medlar, Angelica sinensis, etc. Tonic should be based on the partial prosperity and decline of yin and Yang Qi and blood, and choose chicken, mutton, pork and duck in combination with the nature of food. It can also be combined with walnut kernel, jujube, longan meat, sesame, yam, lotus seed, Lily and chestnut.

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