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Is it time to count nine after the winter solstice

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in our life, no matter what kind of situation, the impact of weather changes is very important. What kind of situation will the next weather changes be after the arrival of the winter solstice? What kind of life and development track will it produce? This is what we should pay attention to.

过了冬至是不是就数九了 数九时间

is counting nine after the winter solstice

yes, because counting nine is also known as winter nine, which is a Chinese folk solar term. Counting nine starts from the early winter of late December of the Gregorian calendar to the Union Day every year. Since the winter solstice, China has entered nine cold days, that is, the coldest time. The custom of counting nine by


the custom of counting nine by


is a method invented by the ancients to calculate the cold weather, that is, from the date of every union day in the winter solstice (Ganzhi calendar), one "Nine" every nine days, and so on. The so-called "hot in three volts, cold in three or nine", the coldest period of the year is "three or nine days". Count nine until the eighty-one day of "99", then the spring is warm and everything is full of vitality. It's time for spring ploughing. There are different versions of "count nine" from which day. As the folk saying goes, "three gengs fall in the summer solstice, and every union counts nine in the winter solstice." in the folk saying, it starts from the date of every Union in the winter solstice. Liang Daizong wrote in his work Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji that "the number of winter solstice days and ninety-nine eighty-one days are commonly used as the end of the cold." Liang Daizong wrote that he began to count nine from the winter solstice. Why count "Nine"? Why not count two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight? This is different from the growth and decline of yin and Yang in traditional Chinese philosophy. The growth of Yang and the decline of Yin symbolize the coming and going of warm and cold. In traditional culture, nine is the extreme number, which is the largest, largest and longest concept. Nine nines, or 81, are the "largest". 9、 It is the number of "Zhiyang", also known as the old Yang. Nine is the largest number. The accumulation of "Zhiyang" means that Yin Qi is decreasing day by day. It has reached the head for nine times, which means that the cold is getting warmer, and spring has come unknowingly.

nine blessings

1. In winter, the wind roared, and a student near the front door shed tears. But he wrote on the door: it's cold and windy, please go through the back door. Thank you for your cooperation. Sit at the back door and do the same for another life. Book: advocate honesty and prohibit going through the back door.


2. These snacks are not impressive. They are often eaten in winter: melon seeds to nourish the face and resist color spots, peanuts to prevent dryness and protect the eyes, jujubes to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue, cheese to help the teeth firm, sesame seeds to moisten, shine and beautiful, and grapes to replenish qi and warm the stomach. I wish you good health!

3. No action in 1929, walking on the ice in 3949, watching willows along the river in 5969, and flowers in 799. Eight nine swallows come, nine nine plus one nine, and cattle go everywhere.

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