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Nine songs describe the coldest sentences in the weather

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in our life, cold weather and hot weather will appear, but what methods we should use to understand is also a very important process. When the cold weather comes, it must represent the cold weather. Are there any sentences describing the cold weather?


the ninth song

1. No action in 1929; Three nine four nine walk on the ice; 5969 look at the willows along the river; Eight or nine wild geese come from the seven or nine rivers; Nine and nine and one and nine, cattle go everywhere.


are several nine proverbs widely spread in northern areas such as Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan. They are applicable in northern China, but not in the Jiangnan area of China.

2. In southern areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, it is said that "the first nine days are warm, the second nine days are cold, the third nine days are frozen to a hundred birds, the fourth nine wax center is frozen to death, the wax insect essence is 5945, the knife is cut not into the soil, 6954, it is meaningless to be cold again, 7963, clothes and hats can be pulled, 8972, cats and dogs look for the shade, 9981, grass and green leaves."

3. On September 19 and 29, the sky was cold and chilly; Thirty nine pointed mouths, nine drops of water become frozen; The coldest is 49. Pedestrians walk in groups on the ice; Back to YANGJIU, willows are planted along the river bank; Six nine thaw nine, gradually open two hands; Qu index 79, take off your cotton padded clothes and walk the road; The season is eight or nine, and every family plows and harrows are repaired; Open your mouth and say "99", the bullwhip will ring everywhere; At the end of September, winter goes and spring comes. Flowers and plants are thick.

sentences describing the cold weather

1. The biting cold wind is blowing and hitting me from time to time. And occasionally naughty little snowflakes fall down in droves, just like dancing.

2. Towards midnight, the weather was extremely cold. Under the pale moonlight, the sand dune was like a silver grave without movement.

3. With the cold winter, the streets are as bright and brilliant as silver. Long icicles are hanging in front of the eaves like crystal daggers, and the breath of pedestrians turns into white smoke.

how to keep warm in winter

1. First, wear more clothes in winter. It's better to wear comfortable clothes. The clothes outside should be windproof. In the middle, you should wear cotton clothes. In addition, you should wear high collar clothes as much as possible, or choose a scarf to protect your neck


. 2. If you are a woman who feels in the office, you can prepare a warm hand treasure, but you must pay special attention not to charge for too long, otherwise there will be some potential safety hazards.

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