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Does the cold weather begin with heavy snow? It starts on the first union day

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in our life, the weather impact caused by the 24 solar terms is an aspect that we should pay attention to. What kind of situation is it in nine cold days? In which solar terms will it start and under what solar terms will it end? Will he encounter heavy snow, and the solar terms are inextricably related?


counting nine cold days starts with heavy snow? The

counting nine cold days starts not from the heavy snow solar term, but on the first union day after the winter solstice solar term.

the blessing of the winter solstice

the winter solstice solar term comes, the sun sends care, and the dumplings are delivered by express: peace is skin, happiness is stuffing, the truth is cooked, happy Taotao is eaten, dumpling soup is drunk, and the whole family is healthy. Good luck in winter!


snowflakes are white and diffuse the world; Heavy frost and fog usher in the winter solstice; The sun comes slowly and the cold will go; Warm greetings, spread all over my heart. May my blessing bring you infinite warmth: happy winter solstice!


the winter solstice begins to have Yang Qi, but it is the coldest season of the year. I have concerns and thoughts. I want you to send warm information. The cold air is coming from the north. Don't take cold prevention as a child's play. I hope you are proud every day. It's not cold in winter and you feel good!


, "winter solstice" to, true feelings to, love to, care to, warmth to, dumplings to, dumplings to, happiness to, good luck to and auspiciousness to. SMS to, blessing to, may you be happy and invincible!

the traditional food of the winter solstice

1. There is a custom of drinking mutton soup at the winter solstice. It is said that this custom began in the Han Dynasty. It is said that Liu Bang, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, ate the mutton cooked by fan Kuai on the winter solstice. He thought it was very delicious and praised it. Since then, the custom of eating mutton on the winter solstice has been formed among the people. People eat mutton and various nourishing foods on the winter solstice in order to have a good omen for the coming year.

2. Glutinous rice balls: an ancient poem said: "it is known that it is the winter solstice day of the Ming Dynasty to make glutinous rice balls by pounding rice at home." eating glutinous rice balls at the winter solstice is a traditional custom in China, which is particularly popular in Jiangnan. There is a saying among the people that "eating glutinous rice balls is one year older". Tangyuan is also called tangtuan. Eating tangtuan at the winter solstice is also called "winter solstice group"; Glutinous rice balls can be used to offer sacrifices to ancestors or to give gifts to relatives and friends.

3. Red bean glutinous rice: in Jiangnan Water Town, it is a custom for the whole family to get together and eat red bean glutinous rice on the winter solstice night. It is said that Gonggong had a talented man who committed many evils and died on the winter solstice. After his death, he became a plague ghost and continued to live among the people. However, the plague ghost is most afraid of red beans. Therefore, people cook red bean rice on the winter solstice to prevent disasters and diseases, which has some effect on the prevention of people's physical diseases.

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