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When will we count nine this year? December 21, 2021

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comes in 2021, the weather changes must be different from the usual performance. What kind of situation does counting nine refer to? What kind of change is the temperature produced when the count of nine comes every year? This is a problem that we should pay attention to and consider in time.

今年什么时候数九2021年 什么温度

start time of counting nine in 2022

in 2022, counting nine days starts from December 21, 2021 and ends on March 11, 2022.

the temperature of the winter solstice term

the winter solstice term will be relatively cold. The climate characteristic of the winter solstice term is that the cold has reached a certain peak at the winter solstice. In terms of the winter solstice temperature in the South and North, the temperature in the higher places in the north and northwest is generally below zero during the winter solstice, and the average temperature in the Northeast should be about minus 7 degrees. The average temperature between the Yangtze River and Huaihe River to the north of Daba Mountain is also below zero. The average temperature in most parts of the south is about 7 degrees. The temperature in some high-altitude areas will be generally low, and the local temperature in the valley will be high. Among them, the temperature in the valley in Southwest Sichuan is more than 10 degrees during the winter solstice, but the winter solstice is not the coldest time.

winter solstice solar terms how to keep healthy

1. Tonifying the kidney and protecting Yang and balancing anti-cancer


winter solstice solar terms, Yin Qi is relatively strong, which is also the time when Yang Qi begins to rise. Yang Qi is very important for life. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "Yang in spring and summer and Yin in autumn and winter". Therefore, the winter solstice is not a simple supplement to Yang Qi, but should pay equal attention to Yin and Yang. Don't forget to nourish Yin when replenishing Yang. In this way, we can achieve the purpose of balanced health preservation, balance yin and Yang, circulate Qi and blood, and reconcile the viscera.

2. Cold prevention, cold expelling, diet and anti-cancer

in winter, we should first maintain the Yang of the body. We can choose warm and tonic foods, such as chicken, mutton, beef, crucian carp, etc., and avoid eating cold drinks and cold food. Secondly, eating too much warm and tonic food is easy to get angry. Especially for cancer patients, there is often the phenomenon of "deficiency without tonic". Therefore, during the winter solstice, we should select appropriate tonic foods for different individuals, supplement reasonably, and avoid affecting the function of spleen and stomach, so as to truly achieve the effect of health preservation.

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