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What is the date of September 2021? When will we start counting nine

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comes in 2021, there will certainly be some changes in the weather. What kind of situation does counting nine cold days refer to? In this year, what kind of time point does the number of nine experience come at? We should think about these problems in time, so that some of the most appropriate situations can appear.


it's the day of September in 2021, that is, the day when the number of nine starts in each year is also called jiaojiu in the people. The time when the number of nine starts in 2021 is December 21, 2021.

nine blessings

1. The weather becomes very fast and the temperature becomes really bad. When you go out, you should take your coat to sleep, cover your quilt, eat more fruits and vegetables, and keep a good attitude. This is love for you!

2. I sew a warm fashion for you with true love to warm your body. I weave a red scarf for you with true feelings to surround happiness and health. The winter solstice is cold. May you be radiant, vigorous and happy every day!

3. Stand on the threshold of the winter solstice, open the curtain of blessing, stare at the windowsill of missing, the concerned moon climbs up, the happy stars are swinging, and the fireworks illuminate your luck and accompany your smile in full bloom. Friends, happy winter solstice. The generation mechanism of

number nine

the coldest period of winter usually occurs after the winter solstice. After the beginning of winter, it means entering winter, which does not mean starting to be cold. Therefore, the heat stored on the surface in the second half of the year still has some energy, so it is not very cold. There is a saying among the people that "October little sunny spring" refers to the sunny, warm and comfortable "little sunny spring" weather during Mengdong. Therefore, in fact, it is generally not very cold in early winter (Mengdong), but with the passage of time, the cold air frequently goes south and the temperature gradually decreases. In the winter season, the so-called "cold on March 9 and April 9" is usually not very cold before the winter solstice. The real cold winter is after the winter solstice, especially "March 9 days" and "April 9 days". The time of the winter solstice festival is from December 21 to 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Taking the date of the winter solstice as the starting point, it is estimated that the "September" 81 days will be "nine peach blossoms bloom" and "spring is warm" in late March of the Gregorian calendar (around the spring equinox). Due to China's vast territory, the climate varies widely, not all over the country.

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