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Characteristics and benefits of Lidong

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sometimes sees the vast white snow and evokes some sad emotions. Therefore, winter seems to be a bad season for people to experience. In fact, it still has certain benefits. As long as you observe carefully and enjoy life seriously, you will become more courageous. Here are some of its advantages.

立冬的特点 立冬的好处

the characteristics of the beginning of winter the most important feature of

is that the national temperature has decreased significantly, especially in the north, even below zero, accompanied by snow. Precipitation has also decreased significantly in most parts of China. The air is generally becoming dry and the soil moisture is less. Attention should be paid to drought prevention and irrigation. It not only represents the coming of winter, but also means to collect all things and avoid the cold. We also pay attention to keeping warm and resisting the cold environment by tonic and other means. What are the advantages of


? ① at this time, because the weather is no longer hot and there are fewer mosquitoes, the daily life is more comfortable.

② although the freezing of soil is not conducive to farming, it can also eliminate some pests, let the crops survive the winter safely and prepare for the next spring.

③ at this time, there are many delicious foods and fresh fruits and vegetables on the market, such as carrots, Chinese cabbage, autumn pears, apples and hawthorn. They don't have an appetite as much as in summer, so they are more delicious.

④ it is suitable for outdoor exercise. In summer, in order to prevent sun, you can only go out in the evening or early morning. After the beginning of winter, you can appropriately extend the exercise time.

⑤ some snowy areas are very fun, and many entertainment items are added, such as snowmen, snowball fights and so on. What are the farming ballads of




although winter is the fallow stage, there are still many agricultural production matters needing attention:


have short sunshine at the beginning of winter and the noon sun is near the top of the head; Autumn has gone and winter has come. Keep everything in mind. The month of Meng Dong is the first year of Qin Dynasty, offering sacrifices to the festival of cold clothes in harvest years; When air and water freeze, wild pheasants don't become big clams. When the west wind rings, the crab feet itch, and the crab has no trace at the beginning of winter; Fools plant peas in the beginning of winter, plant a bucket and harvest half a bucket. The cold wind rises suddenly and the animals begin to hibernate in October; Return to avoid the cold, don't take it easy, harvest in autumn and store in winter. The Qinling Mountains, the Huanghuai River and the Huaihe River are in the early frost, and the southwest Jiangnan is foggy; Snow does not melt on the plateau, and snow and sleet ice particles in North China.

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