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Folk custom of what to eat after Lidong

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The seasonal changes of

come as scheduled every year. When we drink water and don't have to wait for a long time to get cold, and we have to bring our coats when we go out, we realize that the pace of winter is approaching. At this time, what dishes will people make to deal with the cold weather? Here are some simple examples and introduce the traditional customs related to the solar term.

立冬后吃什么 立冬的民俗

what to eat after the beginning of winter

① foods with high calories: chicken, duck and fish meat, such as ginger duck and sweet and sour fish, are also called tonic in winter to resist the cold.

② mutton: on the day of the beginning of winter, the business of the mutton restaurant is very good. Many people come here to drink mutton soup, and some even eat mutton hot pot.

③ dumplings: it has been recorded to eat this kind of food in the Tang and Song Dynasties, also known as jiaozi, which means that at the turn of autumn and winter, eating dumplings is conducive to enhancing appetite, appetizing and strengthening the spleen.

④ seasonal vegetables and fruits: common vegetables on the market mainly include carrots, spinach, Chinese cabbage and other dishes, as well as common fruits such as autumn pear, hawthorn and apple. They are rich in vitamins, which can not only supplement nutrition but also remove autumn dryness. What are the folk customs of


? ① swimming: in winter, people in many areas will organize winter swimming activities to resist the cold weather and encourage people's courage to overcome the severe winter.


② welcome winter: ancestor worship ceremonies will be held in some areas to pray for good weather and bumper grain in the coming year.

③ tonic: at the beginning of winter, many families will stew sesame oil chicken and Siwu chicken to supplement energy and rich protein.

④ worship winter: on this day, the people will have a good life and rest and do no other agricultural work, so as to reward the hard work of the family all year round. Some will take this opportunity to repair farm tools to prepare for the coming spring. What are the three seasons of


? The beginning of winter solar terms of


reflect the changes of seasons, which are mainly concentrated on November 7 or 8 every year, which should be compared with the specific date. Since ancient times, our ancestors have summed up rich experience for us. For example, there are three times, namely: "first, the water begins to ice; second, the ground begins to freeze; third, the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage." the river is frozen, the soil is frozen, birds similar to pheasants are missing, and animals begin to hibernate.

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