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Is the beginning of winter winter the winter solstice or the beginning of winter

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in traditional Chinese medicine, health preservation in winter should pay attention to "hiding", just like small animals hibernating, that is, they have to cover their clothes, pay attention to cold prevention and warmth, and eat some mild food to supplement energy. However, this degree is very important, and many people are afraid to make up too much, which is not good for the body. Now let's talk about how to deal with it, which is a more scientific approach.

立冬是冬天了吗 冬至进补还是立冬进补

is the beginning of winter

as we all know, the beginning of winter represents the beginning of winter, which means that autumn gradually goes away. Although it is not yet the coldest time, it reflects the changes of seasons. "Li" means establishment and beginning, "winter" also refers to the collection of all things and the rest of farmland. The ancients also vividly described the scene: "first, the water begins to ice; second, the ground begins to freeze; third, the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage." it means that the river freezes, the soil temperature is very low, and birds go to other places for winter. When is

suitable for tonic

in fact, both the beginning of winter and the winter solstice are suitable for tonic. However, in terms of climate, the winter solstice is colder, so we pay more attention to resisting the cold in this solar term. Different people need different things for tonic. Some need to supplement protein, some calories, some vitamins and so on. It is generally recommended to eat warm and tonic foods, as well as those that are easy to digest and absorb, such as beef, mutton, glutinous rice, leek, cabbage, carrot, longan, red jujube, hawthorn, walnut, etc. Some of them can be made into soup or hot pot, which also has an atmosphere.

solar terms circle of friends talk about

① eating dumplings at the beginning of winter today, a year will pass, and health is the most important!

② at the beginning of winter, noisy cities and quiet alleys can't resist the golden leaves. A gust of wind comes and goes again and again.

③ cold winter is coming. After a heavy snow, the whole Oriental red has become a world of powder and jade. The willows were covered with silver bars, and the lawn was covered with silver.

④ bid farewell to autumn and wish you the accumulated energy to spend the whole winter safely.

⑤ the beginning of winter has arrived, what to make up? Those who fly in the sky, fight; If you climb on land, catch it; Those who swim in the water go to the river; OK, eat and drink enough, send one, come back natural and unrestrained!

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