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What does Lidong do for tonic

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in November, if you get up early, you will feel frozen hands and feet, indicating that the cold season has really come, and people have made a lot of preparations to resist the cold. In ancient times, there were complex rituals to greet. Today, the form has been much simplified, but you won't be lazy in eating. Here are some typical delicacies.

立冬进补吃什么 立冬干什么

what to eat for tonic at the beginning of winter 1. Mutton: at this solar term, people will go to restaurants to drink a bowl of hot mutton soup, and some will rinse hot pot with mutton as the base.

2. Red bean glutinous rice: it is said that there was a man named Gonggong. His son was not a talent and did many evils. He died in winter and continued to harm the people. Later, people would cook red bean glutinous rice on this day, which means to drive away evil spirits and eliminate disasters.

3. Green onion: this food is popular among residents in Nanjing. It is said to drive away the cold and damp cold.

4. Sugarcane: in Chaoshan area, Fujian, people eat sugarcane at the beginning of winter, which means to protect teeth and tonic.

what are the main activities

1. Welcome to winter: in the old days, the emperor would lead his ministers to the suburbs to hold a grand ceremony, which meant to welcome the arrival of winter. Now it can't be seen, but you can travel with your relatives and friends and enjoy the beauty of winter.

2. Making dumplings: people in the north are keen to make dumplings by hand, and then share them with the whole family to have a happy festival.

3. Winter swimming: more and more regions will hold swimming activities to encourage everyone not to fear the cold, meet challenges and surpass themselves.

agricultural proverbs summary

the following related proverb vividly guides agricultural production:

① the beginning of winter brings sunshine to winter, and the beginning of winter brings rain and rain to winter; There is no rain and snow in the south wind at the beginning of winter, and there is much snow and ice in the north wind at the beginning of winter.

② the Northeast has been frozen and the crops have entered the overwintering period; Jianghuai three autumn is coming to an end. Jiangnan is busy planting winter wheat.

③ the northeast wind in Southern Fujian starts winter, and the sky is good in winter; There is wind and rain in the south at the beginning of winter, and there is no withered soil in winter.

④ the temperature changes rapidly day and night, freezing at night and disappearing in the twinkling of an eye; Seize the opportunity to water winter water to prevent drought from adding cold power.

⑤ see the winter solstice when there is no rain in Chongyang, and there is no rain and sunny in the winter solstice; The beginning of winter is closely connected with light snow, and the land preparation before winter is the first.

⑥ clear drainage in Jiangnan and South China and open high-yield ditches in the field; Prevent freezing damage in winter and dispose waterlogging in advance.

⑦ harvest in autumn and plant in winter, use the time skillfully, and don't idle the field; Pay attention to winter planting and water conservancy, and accumulate fertilizer in winter in time.

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