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Is Lidong winter? Is Lidong eating dumplings or the winter solstice

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leaves us in autumn, we will take advantage of the sunny day to take out the quilt to dry, and then cover it with a thick quilt to feel warm. Seasonal changes also affect our food. People are keen to cook all kinds of delicious dishes to reward themselves for working hard for a long time. Let's introduce one of the winter delicacies.

立冬是不是冬天 是立冬吃饺子还是冬至

whether the beginning of winter is winter

the answer is yes. The beginning of winter symbolizes the beginning of winter and means that the severe cold season is coming. I bid farewell to autumn completely. However, due to the vast territory of our country, we have to wait for the real cooling according to different times. Therefore, we can only check the specific date of the solar term by referring to the calendar. Taking this year as an example, it is on Sunday, November 7 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, the third day of October of the lunar calendar. People regard it as a festival day, so many customs are left, such as the ceremony to welcome winter, eating mutton for tonic, going to the river for winter swimming, etc.


when to eat dumplings


in fact, they can be eaten both at the beginning of winter and the winter solstice, because as a food with a long history, it is especially popular with the people in the north. Whenever a festival comes, they will wrap dumplings to celebrate, which can not only increase their appetite, but also represent the hope that the family will be safe and smooth. There is a folk saying "delicious but dumplings". Because there are many kinds of fillings, such as leek, cabbage or pig meat, they often make automatic handbags. The whole family is busy together, which is very festive.

precautions for health preservation

① cold prevention and warmth preservation are the first priority. Don't wear thin for the sake of lightness, otherwise the gain will not pay off if you catch a cold.

② take appropriate exercise. At this time, the ultraviolet light is no longer strong. You can take outdoor sports. It is appropriate to do aerobics, jogging or Taijiquan.


③ take appropriate tonic. It is not suitable to be vegetarian for a long time. You can eat some meat to supplement protein in winter, such as mutton, chicken, duck, fish and so on.

④ keep regular work and rest, go to bed early and get up late to avoid staying up late, so as to have a healthy body.

⑤ vegetables and fruits can not fall, because they are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, which is conducive to promoting digestion and enhancing immunity.

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