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Does Lidong eat dumplings or the winter solstice? Is the winter solstice Lidong

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modern people pay attention to eating less and eating more, but they will open their stomach to eat at the festival, which represents a more lively atmosphere. Especially in the cold season, we all need enough calories to maintain physical strength, so we have made a lot of efforts in making food. Let's introduce one of the most popular snacks in next winter.

立冬吃饺子还是冬至 冬至是不是立冬

when to eat dumplings

in fact, people in the north will eat dumplings to celebrate festivals throughout the year. However, the beginning of winter and the winter solstice are eaten by more people, so these two solar terms are suitable for making dumplings. At that time, people will get up early in the morning, chop the stuffing and roll out the dough, and then make it according to different tastes, including pork and leek stuffing, pork and cabbage stuffing, egg three fresh stuffing and so on. There are many kinds, which are loved by adults and children. However, we should pay attention not to eat too much, otherwise we will have indigestion. If we can't finish eating, we should refrigerate it, otherwise it will go bad.

whether the winter solstice is the beginning of winter


are not. These two terms belong to different solar terms. First, the beginning of winter is the first season in winter. The sun reaches 225 ° of the Yellow meridian. At this time, although the temperature begins to decline, there will be a little sunny spring in the south before the severe cold season. The climate is relatively pleasant, usually on November 7 or 8 every year, A day or two at most. The winter solstice is in the season after light snow and heavy snow, ranking the fourth in the whole winter. At this time, the direct point of the sun reaches the southernmost point, the night is the longest and the day is the shortest. It is very cold. Everything withers and trees wither. Especially in the North, there will be heavy snow. Nine cold days will come soon. What are the related sayings of


? ① there is a heavy fog on the day of the beginning of winter, and the winter water field points pineapples.

② hands are not idle in winter, and it is not difficult to eat and wear in spring.

③ thunder hits winter, ten bullpens and nine empty.

④ plough gold before the beginning of winter, silver after the beginning of winter and iron after the beginning of spring.

⑤ the west wind sounds, the crab feet itch, and the crab starts winter without a trace.

⑥ frost pickled cabbage. The beginning of winter does not make cattle.

⑦ the beginning of winter is closely connected with light snow, and the land preparation before winter is the first.

③ seeing the beginning of winter without rain in Chongyang, the beginning of winter is dry without rain.

⑨ plant peas at the beginning of winter, one bucket for another.

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