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What to eat after the beginning of winter   Legend of Lidong

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When the

weather turns cold, we not only add clothes to ourselves, but also send messages to our relatives and friends around to bring warm greetings. At this time, they also became very particular about eating, and the topic of health preservation was gradually increased. Let's introduce what food is suitable for Lidong and tell the story behind it.

立冬后吃什么好  立冬的传说

what to eat after the beginning of winter

① protein rich foods, such as chicken, duck, fish and mutton, have the effect of preventing cold.

② fresh vegetables: in addition to the common carrots and Chinese cabbage, it is also recommended to eat kelp and laver, which can promote blood circulation and enhance immunity.

③ warm and tonic foods: milk and beans are also very popular, such as milk or tofu, which can increase nutrition and supplement heat energy.


④ soups: common folk soups include grass root soup, mutton soup, ginger duck soup, Adlay bean soup, etc., which can expel cold and keep warm in winter.

⑤ dumplings: as a typical traditional food, they are indispensable on the table. People sit around and share dumplings, which has a festive atmosphere. What are the legends of


? The origin of


about Lidong is believed to be recorded in many estimates. Let's tell the relevant stories here. It is said that Zhang Zhongjing, the medical saint of Nanyang, was an official in Changsha. He returned home. It was snowy winter and the cold wind was biting. On the way, he saw that the villagers on both sides of the Baiye River in Nanyang were naked, and many people's ears were frozen and rotten. He was very sad. He asked his disciples to set up a medical shed in Guandong, Nanyang. They cooked mutton, pepper and some cold expelling herbs in a pot, took them out and chopped them, wrapped them in dough like ears, and then cooked them in a pot to make a kind of "cold expelling and ear correcting soup" The medicine was given to the people. After taking it, the villagers' ears were cured. Later, the name of this food evolved into dumplings and became a famous food in the north.

holiday greetings summary

① in the cool winter, may some of you know the cold and warm and cherish a beautiful and happy life.

② it's winter. Comrades, pay attention: the grain storage and exercise that should be done will eventually overcome the severe cold!

③ year after year, now winter comes again. I wish my friends lazy sleep, warm clothes, happy time, good health and happiness.

④ the north wind is howling, and the beginning of winter comes. The grass is withered and yellow, and the snow is floating. You can exercise well in the morning. You are healthy and have no trouble. You know, don't forget your clothes and hat when you go out!

⑤ the cold wind is whistling and Howling; The green mountains are lonely and the red leaves are floating in disorder; Warm and cold, the sun shines; When the temperature drops, the feeling is burning; Auspicious clouds flutter and happiness curls; Happy Lidong!

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