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How does Lidong wear clothes "clothes with good air permeability"

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if we see someone wearing short sleeves in a cold day, we will inevitably shiver and feel cold. Don't worry about the temperature. As long as the demeanor is not advocated, when the climate becomes cold, we should do a good job in keeping warm in order to have a healthy physique. Let's introduce some Dressing Tips and take stock of relevant health care skills.

立冬怎么穿衣服 立冬中医养生

how to wear clothes at the beginning of winter

① choose clothes with good air permeability. The material should not be too rigid to avoid hurting the skin and neck.

② thick clothes should be prepared, but they should not be too thick. Heatstroke may also occur in winter.

③ you'd better take a coat when you go out to avoid catching a cold due to the large temperature difference between day and night.

④ the elderly and children suggest clothes that are easy to take off, such as cardigans and coats, and do not cover their heads.

how to keep healthy

1. Go to bed early and get up late: Winter belongs to the stage of short day and long night. Going to bed early helps to keep enough energy and keep warm at all times.

2. Proper exercise: you can run in the park and play taijiquan to strengthen your body and enhance immunity.

3. Cultivate a good attitude: Everything withers in winter, and the mood is inevitably low. To maintain a stable mood, don't be too excited.

4. Timely tonic: some people always eat vegetarian food in cold winter in order to reduce fat. This is wrong. A long-term lack of carbohydrates will lead to mental depression. They should eat some mild meat and supplement protein, such as chicken, duck, fish, etc., or a bowl of steaming mutton soup, which will also help drive away the cold.

what vegetables to eat

① agaric: it is rich in colloid. In addition to promoting intestinal peristalsis, it also has strong adsorption capacity. It can adsorb and concentrate the harmful substances remaining in the digestive tract out of the body, reduce the absorption of oil and help to lose weight.

② lotus root: stir fry or add boiled soup, which has the effects of clearing heat and moistening lungs, cooling blood and blood stasis. Cooked food can strengthen the spleen and appetizer, and prevent autumn dryness.

③ Chinese cabbage: This is the season for harvesting a large number of Chinese cabbage. It has high nutritional value. It contains more than 90% cellulose, vitamin C and vitamin E. in autumn and winter when the air is particularly dry, it has the function of beauty, beauty and tranquility.

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