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From which solar term does winter begin to count nine? Which season is it

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winter is no stranger to everyone, but not everyone knows enough about the day when winter begins. So what aspects should we pay attention to the time when winter begins? In fact, this solar term is closely related, so we must make an in-depth analysis of the solar term.

冬季从哪个节气开始数九 是哪个季节

the winter solstice of the twenty-four solar terms of the Chinese folk lunar calendar is the beginning of "count nine", indicating that the coldest time in winter has come. From the winter solstice, there is a "Nine" every nine days. As the saying goes: no action in 1929; Three nine four nine walk on the ice; 5969, insert willows along the river; 79 apricot blossoms; Eight or nine Yan returns. It means that the coldest winter is in March and September, and then the flowers gradually bloom in spring. The winter solstice festival is usually December 22. If we only count nine, it starts from the next day of the winter solstice. If it is the 24 solar terms, there were four solar terms in the Shang Dynasty and eight in the Zhou Dynasty. It did not become the current 24 solar terms until the Western Han Dynasty, which has been handed down to this day. What season does


count nine days? The


count nine is also known as winter 99 in Chinese folk. It is a method to calculate the dates of cold days and warm flowers in spring. Generally, the coldest time of the year is "March 9th and April 9th". When you count to nine "nine days" (9981 days), it will be warm in late spring and everything will be full of vitality. It is time for spring farming, so counting nine days is a change from winter to spring.

count nine blessings in cold days

1. Friendship will not be alienated because of busyness, miss will not be forgotten because of time, and blessing will not be late because of cold. Even if you are busy and hard, you should add clothes in cold weather. May my sincere blessing and deep greetings bring you warmth in this cold winter.

2. I plant a hope for you in this cold season. Until today next year, hope will become a reality. Now the cold brings next year's harvest. With me walking with you, we won't be alone. We have hope.

3. Send you a gust of wind to warm your heart with happiness; Send you a handful of snow to cover up the pain and not confused; Send you a word to comfort your heart without getting hurt; Give you a glass of wine to drive away the cold and hesitation. Cold winter, send warm wishes, wish you happiness every day.

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