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Which solar term does the winter solstice start from

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The impact of each solar term of

is a different situation for our life. Then, on nine cold days, which solar term has started this weather change? If we have a sufficient understanding, it is also a very important situation for the impact on our later life.

数九寒天是从哪个节气开始的 冬至

the winter solstice is the beginning of several nine cold days. The folk saying goes: "counting nine cold days, it is cold in three nine", "three nine" refers to the third "nine days" after the winter solstice, that is, the nineteenth to twenty seventh days after the winter solstice. Will usher in the "winter solstice" solar term. From today on, it officially enters "19", that is, the season that slowly becomes colder.

the custom of the winter solstice

1. Eating roast wax and ginger rice

in Guangdong, China, there is the custom of eating roast wax and ginger rice at the winter solstice. On the day of the winter solstice, most Cantonese have the custom of "adding vegetables" to eat winter solstice meat. Chaoshan has a folk saying of "winter festival pill, eat it and celebrate the new year", commonly known as "adding years of age". Hakka people believe that the water tastes the most mellow during the winter solstice. Therefore, Hakka wine making during the winter solstice has become a custom.

2. Eat New Year cakes

Hangzhou people eat New Year cakes at the winter solstice. From the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties to now, Hangzhou people like to eat New Year cakes at the winter solstice. During the winter solstice, make three different flavors of New Year cakes. Eat New Year cakes at the winter solstice and grow tall every year. In Sichuan, mutton soup is eaten during the winter solstice. Mutton is the first tonic in winter. In the area of Hunan and Hubei, we must eat red bean glutinous rice on the day of the winter solstice. Such a festival is perfect.


are the blessings of the winter solstice solar terms.


are shining on the stage, and everyone applauds happily; Safe and beautiful travel, good mood every day; Christmas elegant transformation, people happy; On New Year's day, everyone will increase their happiness and longevity; The program continues. Don't forget to contact your friends!


the winter solstice temperature is really low. The north wind roars. You need to add clothes. Diet is good for your health. The road is wet and slippery. Be careful. Take a short early rest in the day. Snowflakes are flying in a happy mood. The whole family is happy. I wish you a happy winter solstice!

friends, hurry into the happy post station! Because the winter solstice holds a series meeting on Christmas and new year's day to give gifts: the winter solstice gives you health, Christmas gives you happiness, and new year's Day gives you happiness. What are you waiting for! Accept gifts!

when the winter solstice comes, eating dumplings is auspicious, healthy and good for both ears; Keep in mind that soup and vegetables are highly nutritious; More exercise, good health, happy winter; Send blessings, show concern, miss and care about the truth; Winter solstice solar terms, I wish you a lot of money and everything goes well.

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