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Which solar term does counting nine cold days begin? This is the custom of this solar term

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How to understand every weather change of

is a problem that we should pay attention to. For example, which solar term does count nine cold days start from? There is a start time and an end time, so this aspect needs to be understood. In addition, friends also need to pay attention to the weather impact of solar terms.

数九寒天开始于哪个节气 什么节气结束

the ninth cold day starts from the ninth cold day of the solar term

in China. Each year starts from the early winter in late December of the Gregorian calendar to the union day. Count nine cold days, that is, from the day when the winter solstice meets the union, count one "Nine" every nine days until 81 days of "Nine Nine", and the weather will be warm. In fact, it's "99 and 19, cattle everywhere" -- 90 days, counting nine days. Spring is coming.

what is the end of the nine cold days

the nine cold days are the coldest period of the year, and our coldest solar term in the year is the great cold solar term, that is, what we people call 3949 days, and after the great cold solar term is our spring solar term, so the end of the nine cold days is the spring solar term. What is the custom of counting nine in




counting nine in ancient folk in China is the method of calculating cold days, that is, from the date of every union day in the winter solstice (Ganzhi calendar), one "Nine" every nine days, and so on. The so-called "hot in three volts, cold in three or nine", the coldest period of the year is "three or nine days". Count nine until the eighty-one day of "99", then the spring is warm and everything is full of vitality. It's time for spring ploughing. There are different versions of "count nine" from which day. As the folk saying goes, "three gengs fall in the summer solstice, and every union counts nine in the winter solstice." in the folk saying, it starts from the date of every Union in the winter solstice. Liang Daizong wrote in his work Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji that "the number of winter solstice days and ninety-nine eighty-one days are commonly used as the end of the cold." Liang Daizong wrote that he began to count nine from the winter solstice. Why count "Nine"? Why not count two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight? This is different from the growth and decline of yin and Yang in traditional Chinese philosophy. The growth of Yang and the decline of Yin symbolize the coming and going of warm and cold. In traditional culture, nine is the extreme number, which is the largest, largest and longest concept. Nine nines, or 81, are the "largest". 9、 It is the number of "Zhiyang", also known as the old Yang. Nine is the largest number. The accumulation of "Zhiyang" means that Yin Qi is decreasing day by day. It has reached the head for nine times, which means that the cold is getting warmer. "Spring is already deep", that is, it is spring.

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