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Which solar term is the number nine on a cold day from the winter solstice

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counting nine cold days is actually no stranger in our life, because it represents a change in the weather, but we should understand that the meaning is a very important situation. What kind of solar term does the first two words in counting nine cold days specifically refer to? When did this solar term start again?


what is the number nine solar term? The number nine of

belongs to a miscellaneous solar term. It is an ancient folk method to calculate the cold weather, that is, from the date of the winter solstice, one "Nine" every nine days, and so on. The so-called "hot in three volts, cold in three or nine", the coldest period of the year is "three or nine days". Count nine until the eighty-one day of "99", then the spring is warm and everything is full of vitality. It's time for spring ploughing. There are many Chinese traditional customs of


, of which "Jiujiu song" is the most extensive and long-standing. These songs skillfully use the phenological phenomena in nature to vividly reflect the law of weather change in 1999. For most parts of China, the weather was not the coldest from nineteen to twenty-nine, but "in nineteen twenty-nine, I couldn't reach out". Three nine and four nine belong to the small cold solar term most of the time, which is the coldest time of the year. Therefore, it is said that "three nine and four nine, freeze to death bitch". After May 9th, the earth gradually returned to spring, and the weather gradually warmed from cold. Therefore, "on May 9th, look at the willows by the river, on July 9th, walk in single clothes". In 1999, it is the solar term of "waking insects", so "hearing thunder in 1999, the sound is lasting", which also means the arrival of spring.


number nine related folk songs


1. No action in 1929; Three nine four nine walk on the ice; 5969 looking at willows along the river; Seven or nine rivers open, eight or nine geese come; In '99 and' 19, cattle went everywhere.

2. "The first nine days are warm, the second nine days are cold, and the third nine days are frozen to a hundred birds. The fourth nine wax center is frozen to death. The wax insect essence is 5945. Cut with a knife and don't go into the soil. 6954. It's meaningless to be cold again. 7963. Clothes and hats can be pulled. 8972. Cats and dogs look for shade. 9981. Grass and grass report green leaves."

describes the ancient poem

is an auspicious order. The rise and fall of


Dynasties: Yuan Dynasty Author: Zhang Kejiu


rise and fall of the railing.


count to nine o'clock in Qizhou, with eight scenes of the Xiangjiang River.


are ancient words, fragrant, and the flute of immortals sounds, which makes the cup long.


are far away, the trees are hazy, and the mountains and snow moon are desolate“ Kdspe ""

"both white cranes and swordsmen are in high spirits, and the brocade language is Lang lang."

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