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On which day do you start counting nine and end counting nine

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What is the meaning of

counting nine in our life? Is it a number, or does it have another meaning? This is a question that we should consider, and it is also very important in the situation we face in our life that the number nine starts and ends on what day.

数九从哪一天开始 数九到哪一天结束

which day does the number nine in 2022 start? In China's folk division, the number nine in 2022 starts from the winter solstice in 2021, that is, December 21, 2021. Starting from the winter solstice in late December of the Gregorian calendar, shujiu is a more suitable miscellaneous solar term in northern China, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. From the day of the winter solstice, it enters the "count nine", commonly known as "jiaojiu". After that, it is a unit every nine days, which is called "Nine". After nine "Nine", it happens to be 81 days, that is, "out of nine". At that time, the flowers will bloom in spring and the weather will be warmer and warmer. When does the


count nine end? In China's folk calculation, the "count nine" begins after the winter solstice, commonly known as "jiaojiu", which means entering the coldest season of the year. The so-called "count nine" means that from the day of the "winter solstice", nine days are a unit, which is called "Nine". After nine "Nine", it happens to be 81 days. It is almost the end of the solar term of waking insects.

how to keep healthy during the count of nine

1. Keep warm and keep warm against the cold

whenever it comes to the count of nine cold days, it is naturally cold and cold, and all the springs are swallowed. I sing the cold more incisively. At this time, the biggest problem we face is cold. Especially for the elderly and children, it is particularly important to keep warm and keep warm. As the saying goes, "all diseases arise from cold". Cold will lead to the decline of people's resistance and the onset of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, gastric ulcer, respiratory tract infection and other diseases. Therefore, we should take good measures to keep warm during this period, In particular, we should ensure that hands and feet are warm and blood vessels are unblocked.

2. Timely supplement

is the so-called: if you don't kill in severe winter, why do you see sunny spring. We all agree that we should eat well and warm in winter. As the saying goes, if we make up in winter, we will be like wolves in the coming year. Tonic in winter is also learned. For example, there is no problem eating mutton soup and hot pot, but these things are easy to get angry, so we need to make appropriate allocation and choose some auxiliary materials such as Sydney, horseshoe and tangerine peel, so as to reconcile Yin and Yang, at least not get angry, make the corners of our mouths fester and affect our eating health.

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