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On which day does the count of nine begin and end

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The changes in the time of

make the impact in our lives very important, especially the solar term of number nine. When will it start? Because we need to find specific solutions or calculation methods, which will help us have a new development and even some preparation in our next life.

数九从哪一天开始数 哪天结束

count nine from that day. The season of

count nine is also known as winter nine, which is a method of calculating the dates of cold days and warm flowers in spring. Counting nine starts from the 24 solar terms winter solstice, counting nineteen every nine days, and so on. Generally, it is coldest at 39:00, which is the coldest time of the year. When you count to nine nine days (ninety-nine eighty-one days), it will be warm in late spring and everything will be full of vitality. It is time for spring ploughing. The number nine method is handed down by word of mouth in China. There is history and lack of records. As for the origin, there is no exact data. However, it became popular at least in the northern and Southern Dynasties. Liang Daizong wrote in the chronicle of Jingchu's age: the number of winter solstice days and 9981 days are commonly used to make it cold, that is, it is getting warmer and warmer. The ninth solar term of


ends on that day. When the ninth solar term of


comes, the term of waking up to insects ends. Waking up to insects is the third solar term in spring. It marks the beginning of the mid spring Mao month and is also the solar term with the fastest temperature rise in the whole year. When it comes to the term of waking up to insects, except that the northeast and northwest regions are still covered with silver makeup in winter, The average temperature in most parts of China has risen to above 0 ℃, the daily average temperature in North China is 3-6 ℃, and that in Jiangnan along the river is above 8 ℃, while that in southwest and South China has reached above 10-15 ℃, which has long been a harmonious spring, and the sunshine hours have also increased significantly. In other words, the days are slowly getting longer. The meaning of


is the third of the 24 solar terms. It marks the beginning of mid spring; On March 5 or 6 every year, when the sun reaches 345 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is a sting. From the beginning of waking insects, spring ploughing officially began. The majority of farmers engaged in various agricultural activities based on agricultural proverbs. The main production of stinging insects is spring ploughing, fertilization, pest control and afforestation. The pest control also has a certain color. The main customs of startling insects include covering the drum skin, expelling insects, beating villains, eating pears and so on.

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