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What do you eat to make up your body

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Every weather change in

must have a very important impact on our lives. What kind of weather change does it have when count nine comes? What kind of food is the most appropriate way for people to eat on this day? Because it will affect our body.

数九吃什么好 补身体

suitable diet for the ninth season

can eat more warm and tonic foods, such as Renshen tea, ginger duck, longan tea, black sesame, sweet dumplings... Eating in winter not only warms the body, can achieve the gradual effect of Tonifying the body, but also can stop cold hands and feet. There are also many drugs in traditional Chinese medicine that can improve and prevent cold hands and feet, such as ginseng, Codonopsis pilosula, angelica, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Radix Astragali, pilose antler, rabbit silk seed, Morinda officinalis, Yugui, Cistanche deserticola, Xianmao, Yugui Zi, Cinnamon Twig, ephedra, dried ginger, pepper, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom... Whether it is making tea, boiling or cooking, you can eat more, which is very beneficial to your health.

how to replenish the body

1. Drink a bowl of hot porridge and hot soup

before meals. First, in the cold temperature in winter, drinking a bowl of hot porridge will not only make the body feel warm immediately, but also warm the intestines and stomach, awaken the digestive system and promote appetite. In particular, coarse grain porridge can also help supplement B vitamins, potassium and other nutrients.

2. Nuts are preferred for snacks. Most of the

nuts mature in autumn, so they are also seasonal food in autumn and winter. Nuts are rich in vitamin E, B vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals, as well as a certain amount of protein, which can help people resist the cold and can be eaten more.

how to keep healthy

1. Go to bed early and get up late

there is a saying "lie early and get up late in order to wait for the sun" in the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine in ancient China, that is, go to bed early and get up late in winter. It is best to get up after the sun comes out, especially the elderly.

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, going to bed early can preserve Yang Qi, maintain a warm body, and getting up late can replenish Yang Qi. Yang Qi is like the guards of the human body. They are distributed on the surface of the skin and are responsible for resisting everything and protecting the safety of the human body.

2. Protect the five parts of

neck, shoulder, waist, knee and foot. Cold weather will affect these five vulnerable parts and cause pain in cervical spine, low back and knee joint.


experts remind that try to wear high collar clothes and scarves when going out; Don't expose your shoulders when you sleep at night. You can put a towel on your shoulders; People with poor waist and knee joints can wear a waist or knee protector and a cotton vest; Bubble your feet with hot water before going to bed.

3. The colder it is, the more water you should drink.

people stay in warm rooms and rarely go out for activities, but it does not mean that the water consumed by the human body will be reduced.

if you drink less water, the blood consistency will be high, which is prone to thrombosis and other symptoms, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Drinking more water in winter can also speed up metabolism, play a role in resisting cold, and make people refreshing.

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