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How to spend Lidong's folk activities

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winter is coming. Parents who are far away from home may call and ask everyone to add clothes in time. At this time, we will also encounter an important solar term, which means that the season has changed and the eating habits have changed significantly, because different seasonal fruits and vegetables are on the market. Let's talk about what activities there are on this day and how to join happily.

立冬怎么过 立冬的民俗活动

how to spend the beginning of winter

① welcome the winter: in the old days, the emperor would lead his ministers to the suburbs to hold a ceremony to welcome the winter and give winter clothes at that time. Now this custom has disappeared, but people would sacrifice at home and pray for a good harvest in the coming year. Some invited friends to the suburbs to enjoy the winter scenery.

② swimming: the colder it is in the north, the more people like to organize winter swimming to exercise their courage to overcome the cold winter.

③ hold a banquet: exquisite people will cook a large table of meals, invite relatives and friends to eat, bless each other and ask for a good omen.

④ eating dumplings: This is a typical custom. People will get up early in the morning, some make dumplings in person, and then share them together to pray for the smooth and safe of the whole family.

what fruit is suitable for eating

1. Grapefruit: it usually ripens in autumn and winter, so it is very popular. It also has medical effects, such as regulating qi and resolving phlegm, moistening lung and clearing intestines, tonifying blood and strengthening spleen.

2. Apple: it has the effect of beauty and beauty for a long time, and it is also suitable for eating in winter. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can moisten the lungs and spleen, nourish the heart and Qi, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, regulate the intestines and stomach, reduce cholesterol and so on.

3. Qiuli: at this time, it is on the market. It contains a variety of vitamins and cellulose. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

4. Orange: rich in sugar, vitamins, malic acid, citric acid, protein, fat, food fiber and a variety of minerals. However, it is not suitable to eat too much and be vigilant against getting angry. What are the practical sayings of


? ① the beginning of winter turns to October, and the small snow is tightly sealed.

② northeast wind at the beginning of winter, good sky in winter.

③ thunder hits winter, ten bullpens and nine empty.

④ start the winter and clear up, and raise the poor.

⑤ there is no frost in winter, and the seedlings are frozen to death in spring.

⑥ one day at the beginning of winter, water cooling for three minutes.

⑦ pick pepper in autumn, beat walnuts with white dew, drop persimmon in frost, and eat soft dates in winter.

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