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What does Guangdong eat in the beginning of winter this year

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with the change of season, people will inevitably feel uneasy and need to add clothes to resist the cold wind everywhere. In this case, it is recommended to eat more seasonal food, which can enhance your physique and not afraid of the invasion of air conditioning. Due to different cultures and customs, there are also differences in food. Let's introduce the characteristics of food in Guangdong.

今年几月立冬 广东立冬吃什么

the beginning of winter this year

the beginning of winter in 2021 is on the third day of October of the lunar calendar, that is, Sunday, November 7 of the Gregorian calendar. According to the old yellow calendar, it is appropriate to move, decorate, open a business, get married, get a license, start work and set up a bed on that day. It is forbidden to enter a house, move land, settle doors, go to office, pray for blessings, seek medical treatment, fast worship, etc, In order to make things go more smoothly, it is suggested that we invite professional masters to make further calculation, select a auspicious day to deal with it, and discuss a good omen.

what does Guangdong eat in this solar term

① ginger duck: it is a warm and tonic food. It is very popular in Southern Fujian or Guangdong. People like to eat duck for tonic. It is made of duck and ginger slices. It is warm and smooth after eating.

② sugarcane: it is common in Guangdong or Chaoshan, Fujian. It can not only protect teeth, but also nourish the body. Sugarcane and medium moistening dryness, clearing heat and removing annoyance. It is suitable for sore throat, dry stool, virtual heat cough and other diseases.

③ fragrant rice: it is mainly made of peanuts, mushrooms, chestnuts, shrimps, carrots, etc. after eating, it means praying for the safety and success of the whole family.


④ side stove: with good soup as the bottom, with various seafood delicacies, common mutton hotpot, etc., it is suitable for preventing and expelling the cold.

what flowers are in full bloom

1. Camellia: it opens in autumn and winter, with a wide variety. Because of its beautiful plant shape, thick green and shiny leaves and colorful flowers, it is cherished by the horticultural circles all over the world.

2. Safflower sheep hoof beetle: the flowering period is from November to April of the next year. The flowers are as big as a palm and slightly fragrant. The five petals are evenly arranged in whorls, red or pink, very beautiful.

3. Plum blossom: it is not only conducive to courtyard planting, but also suitable for ancient pile bonsai, flower arrangement and plastic arts. It can also be enjoyed in deep mountains. It is a beautiful scenery in winter.

4. Chrysanthemum: although it blooms in autumn, the weather in the south is still warm in November, which is suitable for chrysanthemum opening and flower appreciation Festival.

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