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What do you eat on Lidong day? What month is Lidong 2021

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when it comes to how to drive away the cold and keep warm in winter, maybe many people will think that drinking more hot water is enough. In fact, according to the physical characteristics of different people, reasonable tonic is the most effective way, which increases immunity and is not afraid of colds and other diseases. Let's talk about what delicious foods appear on the table at the beginning of winter and on which day to celebrate the festival.

立冬那天吃什么 立冬是几月几日2021

what to eat on the day of the beginning of winter

① dumplings: also known as "Jiaozi", which means the turn of autumn and winter. It points out the season. People in the north will wrap a large pot and eat with all kinds of fillings. They have a great appetite, which is very good for supplementary nutrition.

② mutton soup: people will stew mutton soup or tie mutton hot pot to celebrate the beginning of winter, so as to drive out the cold.

③ radish: it is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, in which the content of vitamin C is 8-10 times higher than that of pear. And it has a strong Qi function. It is suitable to stir fry and cook soup.

④ crucian carp: rich in protein and has the effect of harmony and vitality. Crucian carp is mostly used to make crucian bean curd soup. The fish is tender, the soup color is milk white, rich in nutrition, and delicious.

⑤ sugarcane: it is popular in Chaoshan, Fujian. It is said to have the effect of nourishing and protecting teeth.

is the day of the month

2021 is on November 7, the third day of October in the lunar calendar. It belongs to the first solar term in winter and occupies an important position. At this time, it means that wind and rain, dry and wet, light and temperature are at a turning point and begin to transition from autumn to winter. As the saying goes, "autumn harvest and winter storage" means that everything is closed in winter. Winter is the season to enjoy a good harvest and recuperate. As one of the folk "four seasons and eight Festivals", in ancient China, some parties held sacrifices, banquets and other activities at the beginning of winter as important festivals to celebrate. In modern times, many customs have been added, such as winter swimming, dinner, hot pot and so on. What are the solar terms related to


? Say


. ① in the beginning of winter, noisy cities and quiet alleys can't resist the golden leaves. A gust of wind comes and goes again and again.

② when you are sad, someone coaxes you, when you are happy, someone makes trouble with you, and says that you should go to eat dumplings at the beginning of winter. Someone says yes. It feels good to be needed and put in your heart.

③ the mountains in November are still undulating, but they have changed their colors. They are most suitable for staying at home and drinking tea.

④ in this season of killing all things, it is not very desperate, because there is snow in winter, a warm fire and a new year.

⑤ the golden rice field has been snatched by hardworking farmers. It looks empty. Only a few Pennisetum are shaking. The north wind begins to become unscrupulous. It seems that the beginning of winter is really coming!

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