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Characteristics of solar terms and agricultural activities in the beginning of winter

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when the weather turns cold, it is most comfortable to put on a thick quilt and cover it. With the approach of winter, people don't want to get up early, because the climate has changed greatly, affecting people's daily food, clothing, housing and transportation, and bringing no small adjustment to agricultural production. Let's take stock of the farming activities at the beginning of winter.

立冬节气特点 立冬的农事活动

the characteristics of winter solar terms

the most common is the north wind, the air becomes dry, the precipitation decreases significantly, and the temperature drops all over the country. At this time, the sun has reached 225 degrees of the Yellow meridian. In the Northern Hemisphere where we are located, the amount of solar radiation is getting less and less. However, since there is still some energy stored on the surface in the second half of the year, it is generally not too cold, but the temperature is getting cold all the time. When it is sunny and windless, there is often a sunny, warm and comfortable October "little sunny spring" weather. This phenomenon is very common in the south, while some areas in the north have been below zero, or even light snow.

what farming activities are there

① the south is busy harvesting at this time. It is necessary to make full use of the sunny weather to harvest, dry and air the late rice to ensure the storage quality.

② when winter wheat is planted in North China and Huang Huai Region, the soil will freeze due to the sudden drop of temperature. It is necessary to seize the opportunity to water the winter wheat to supplement the lack of soil moisture and improve the microclimate environment in the field.

③ in Jiangnan and South China, it is necessary to open "high-yield ditches" in the field in time and do a good job in ditch cleaning and drainage, which is an important measure to prevent waterlogging and freezing hazards in winter.

④ vegetables should also be transplanted into the greenhouse. They should not only keep warm, but also pay attention to ventilation to ensure that fresh vegetables can be harvested in winter.

which plants are suitable for planting

1. Radishes: common ones include carrot, green radish, white radish, water radish and XinLiMei, which are suitable for sowing in low temperature environment.

2. Garlic: it is a cold resistant plant with long sunshine, so it should be given enough sunshine and suitable for growing in a climate of about 10 ℃.

3. Broccoli: it has strong heat resistance and cold resistance, so it can be planted in large quantities at this time.

4. Spinach: it has a short growth cycle and is not afraid of the cold, so it can be planted before and after the beginning of winter and can be harvested after a period of time.

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