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Introduction to the solar terms at the beginning of winter the shortest day at the beginning of winter

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sometimes it seems that the weather is suddenly cold overnight, and the teeth are clucking with cold. Only by flipping through the calendar can we know that the real winter is coming. People, both ancient and modern, will make positive preparations for the winter, such as adding clothes and tonics. Let's introduce the meaning of beginning of winter and see what characteristics the duration of day and night has.

立冬节气介绍 立冬白天最短

Introduction to the beginning of winter solar term

it is usually between November 7 or 8 of the Gregorian calendar every year. It belongs to the first solar term in winter, which means to bid farewell to autumn and enter the cold season. The beginning of winter, the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer and the beginning of autumn are combined into four branches, which all occupy an important position and reflect the changes of seasons. Li refers to the beginning, and winter also has the meaning of "end", that is, the collection of all things. It means that all the autumn crops have been collected and dried, and the animals have been hidden for hibernation. Although everything withers and everything is quiet at this time, if you survive this season, it means the arrival of spring, so it is still full of hope. Is the solar term


the shortest day? It is not the case with


. Although the day is short and the night is long at the beginning of winter, the day is not the shortest, because there is still a gradual process. It continues to shorten after autumn, and the temperature also decreases. Until the winter solstice, the sun reaches the southernmost end of the Tropic of cancer, Being a genius is the shortest day and the longest night. In any case, once entering winter, we should maintain a regular work and rest, pay attention to health preservation, adhere to going to bed early and getting up late, and eliminate staying up late, so as to have enough energy the next day.

which vegetables are suitable for planting

common vegetables include spinach, leek, sauerkraut, coriander, celery, radish, garlic, chrysanthemum, etc. the above are mainly cold resistant, and some of them have a short growth cycle, so they are suitable for sowing before and after the beginning of winter, so that seasonal vegetables can be eaten in winter. If they are transplanted into the greenhouse, pay attention to ventilation, Light regularly, because some plants like sunlight. If it is in the field outside, pay attention to avoid soil freezing and timely irrigation to cope with insufficient precipitation.

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