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When will it start to rain this year? What's the saying

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when the temperature drops, people always want to eat more to reward their intestines and stomach because of the rapid loss of heat in their bodies. Therefore, they have invented a variety of festival delicacies. On the day of the festival, the happiest children can eat more happily. Now let's popularize the solar terms related to winter and see what climate characteristics there are.

今年什么时候立冬 立冬下雨有什么说法

when is the beginning of winter this year

is on Sunday, November 7 of the Gregorian calendar, that is, the third day of October of the lunar calendar. Its arrival reflects the changes of seasons, which means saying goodbye to autumn and entering the cold season. The ancient book "Lv's spring and autumn · Meng Dong" records that "it is the moon that begins winter. The emperor personally leads three gongs and nine officials to welcome winter in the northern suburbs." it shows that people had the custom of this solar term a long time ago. The emperor led his officials to the suburbs to welcome the arrival of winter and gave winter clothes. In modern times, there are sacrifices or banquets to express blessings and hope for good weather and bumper crops in the coming year.

what's the saying about

at the beginning of winter? This is a good phenomenon. According to the saying, "Chongyang has no rain, and it starts to clear up in winter. It means that before and after the beginning of winter, if there is no rain, it means that there will be less rain in the whole winter, which will affect the crops. If it is not wet enough, it will affect the crops for the winter. The "beginning of winter rain, rain", shows that if it rains on this day, the precipitation will increase and the soil will not worry about irrigation. Therefore, it plays an important role in agricultural production. Now science and technology are developed. If the drought continues during this period, artificial precipitation will be increased.

festival blessings

① the solar term at the beginning of winter is good. There are five mistakes: slightly lower the temperature, cover a thick mattress, sleep with your head covered, the air is polluted, the sun is too long, the bones are sparse, close the doors and windows, and reduce the flexion index. Get rid of misunderstanding, Lidong must be healthy!

② flowers have fragrance, the moon has shade, things have heart, life is busy, friends' affection can not be forgotten, and more contact in leisure time can keep friendship for thousands of years. Today's Lidong sends blessings. May your winter be more auspicious!

③ send off the beauty of autumn and usher in the elegance of winter. Wild geese spread their wings and flew south, and all things quietly fell asleep. In this cold day in early winter, I just want to say gently: it's cold, take care.

④ it's winter, it's cool, and the cold wind is camping again. When the grass withered and the flowers withered, ice and snow came to accompany. Dress well, eat well, and keep up with your daily life. Keep your feet fine and sharp. The sunny day will come soon!

⑤ the cold wind howls, the leaves wither and yellow, and the snowflakes flutter to welcome the beginning of winter; Clear frost and cold floc spread all over the ground, condensing the missing feeling in my heart; The beginning of winter is coming, send a heart message to send you true warmth; Warm hands, warm feet, warm atrium, health and happiness are always accompanied.

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