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What month is the beginning of winter this year? What do you eat after the beginning of winter

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in the cold season, the ancients would put away their pen and ink and read around the stove. Because they felt cold, they invented many methods to keep warm. Modern people's pace of life accelerated and needed tonic to enhance their physique in order to cope with busy work. Let's recommend some festival food to see if you like it.

今年立冬是几月几号 立冬以后吃什么

what month is the beginning of winter this year?

is on November 7 of the Gregorian calendar. According to the characteristics of solar terms, there is a maximum difference of one or two days every year. You should check the specific year. At this time, it means that autumn is leaving us, winter is coming, the national temperature is generally falling sharply, some places have begun to freeze, migratory birds fly south, and the soil will be frozen. How to make crops survive the winter safely has also become an important project. Cui Bao of Jin Dynasty wrote in the ancient and modern notes: "Emperor Wen of Han Dynasty gave the palace servants, benefactors and officials to wear coats in winter." it vividly depicts the old customs. On the festival day, the emperor would lead his ministers to meet the winter and then give them winter clothes.

what do you mainly eat

1. Mutton: the business of mutton restaurant is very good this day. Everyone likes to drink a bowl of hot mutton soup to dispel the cold.

2. Fragrant rice: in Shantou, Fujian Province, people eat fragrant rice made of lotus seeds, mushrooms, chestnuts, shrimps and carrots in the beginning of winter. These are also warm food.

3. Seasonal vegetables: at this time, it is suitable to eat vegetables rich in vitamins, such as kelp, laver, Nostoc flagelliforme, jellyfish, spinach, Chinese cabbage, corn, etc.

4. Sugarcane: it is said to have the effect of nourishing and protecting teeth, so it has gradually become a traditional food.

why make dumplings

because it is a traditional food at the beginning of winter and is very popular with people in Beijing and Tianjin. Dumplings are derived from the saying of "the time of giving birth", which means the turn of autumn and winter. On the beginning of winter, all kinds of dumplings sell very well, including pork and leek stuffing, cabbage and pork stuffing, corn and egg stuffing and so on. Eating it can not only appetizer, but also supplement nutrition and enhance physique. It is an indispensable food on the table.

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