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What are the climatic characteristics of Lidong

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time always turns fast, the sun rises and sets, and in the blink of an eye it comes to winter. In order to spend a happy festival, people have created many customs to spend this stage. This article focuses on analyzing the weather characteristics of the beginning of winter, so that we can have a deeper impression on it, so as to make good countermeasures to keep out the cold.

立冬的气候特点 立冬有什么讲究

the climatic characteristics of the beginning of winter

at this time, the main feature is that the national temperature has been falling, the north will reach below zero, snowflakes will float, and the air is very wet and cold. The autumn tiger in the South has withdrawn from the stage and presented a short stage of "little sunny spring". It feels very comfortable and is still in the crisp autumn. The Jianghuai region is busy harvesting crops and planting winter wheat to provide a good environment for the soil and let them survive the winter safely. People in the past summed up the three seasons: "first, the water begins to freeze; second, the ground begins to freeze; third, the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage." they vividly described the characteristics of this season. The river began to freeze, the land froze, and the birds disappeared. What's important about


? ① cold prevention has become the primary task, because the temperature drops suddenly, and some parts of the body are particularly sensitive to the cold, so special attention should be paid to keeping warm.


② supplement properly. We should reasonably increase the intake of staple food and oil to ensure the supply of high-quality protein. For example, dog meat, mutton, beef, chicken, shrimp, pigeon, quail and other foods are rich in protein and fat, produce more calories, and can resist the cold in winter.

③ develop regular work and rest. Don't stay up late, get up late and go to bed early. Go out for exercise during the day to enhance immunity and prevent colds.

④ you can eat more bitter food, because too much oil and salt will cause physical burden. Eating bitter melon and bitter mustard can increase appetite, appetizer and prevent autumn dryness.

the origin of eating dumplings in this solar term

although this kind of food is popular in the North all year round, its origin can be traced back to the Han Dynasty, when the northern Xiongnu often harassed the frontier and the people were restless. At that time, Hun and Tun leaders of the Hun tribe were very cruel. People hate it so much that they wrap it into corners with meat stuffing, take the sound of "Hun" and "Tun", and call it "wonton". Hate to eat, and seek to quell the war and live a peaceful life. Because wonton was first made in winter, there was a custom of eating at the beginning of winter. Later, after a series of evolution, wonton was also called dumplings.

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