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Can you fish before and after the heavy snow

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any custom and cultural activity in our life is sometimes a way of entertainment. Then when the snow solar term comes, what way can we make our future life better and better? In addition, can people go fishing before the heavy snow solar term?


can you fish before and after the heavy snow solar term

the heavy snow solar term in China is from December 6 to 8 every year. The snowfall weather in the north will increase significantly and there will be snow on the ground. The temperature continued to drop after the heavy snow, but this is also the best time for fishing in winter. Thinking of fishing, the magnificent scene of "lone boat, coir hat and Weng, fishing alone for Cold River Snow" can't help showing in front of us. In short, the time from heavy snow to before freezing is the best time to catch crucian carp in winter, so fishing lovers can take advantage of this time to go fishing.

blessings of the heavy snow solar term

in the heavy snow season, I collect the warm sun in winter and give it to you to warm your body and mind; Frozen beautiful snowflakes give you, sweet your heart; Write a sincere blessing to you. May your mood be beautiful forever! Snow solar term, bless friends: winter is auspicious, safe, happy, healthy and happy.


are warm words, just like the warm sun in winter; A kind greeting, with your bright stars. Snow season, the day is cold, the heart is warm, the road is long, you are near, may your mood always be beautiful!

heavy snow comes, cold winter is chilly, the weather is cloudy and cold, and there are few sunny days. Cold current running, air conditioning fooling, hoarding fat and adding more coats. Wind, sword and frost, all come to fight, emotional disorder, pay attention to coordination. Snow season wishes friends to relax and smile.

an ancient poem about the solar term of heavy snow

heavy snow "Lu You"


"heavy snow has never been seen in the south of the Yangtze River. It is Yan Ning at the beginning of this year.


skillfully wear curtains, like looking for each other, and weigh heavily on the forest tops.


felt strategies, Lu forgot to sleep at night, and Jin Ji immediately timid in the morning.


laugh at their late fame and dream that the Yellow River is completely frozen.


snow in the river Liu Zongyuan's


snow pressure winter clouds and white catkins fly, thousands of flowers of


disappear, thousands of birds of


fly away, thousands of people of


disappear, and


catch the snow in the cold river alone.

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