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What are the benefits of heavy snow in the 24 solar terms for crops "wheat is covered with three layers this winter and sleeping on steamed bread next year"

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The 24 solar terms of

are of great significance to farmers, because the arrival of each solar term determines whether they should carry out an agricultural activity. When the snow solar term comes, what can be learned about the benefits of crops? Which aspects should we learn about the negative effects?


what are the benefits of 24 solar terms heavy snow on crops

there is an agricultural proverb in China that "wheat is covered with three layers of quilt this winter and sleeps with steamed bread next year". If it snows in the heavy snow solar term, it is equivalent to covering the wheat in the severe winter with a quilt to ensure its safe overwintering, which is very beneficial to the growth of winter wheat. The snow in wheat field in cold winter can block the external cold, reduce the radiation transmission of soil heat in wheat field, and provide a natural barrier to ensure the safe overwintering of wheat. At the same time, studies have shown that each liter of snow soluble water also contains about 7.5G of nitride. When the snow melted water infiltrates into the wheat field, it is equivalent to applying nitrogen fertilizer to wheat to promote its early growth in the next spring, which is very beneficial to improving wheat yield. In addition, the heavy snow solar term is supposed to be a cold season. At this time, the heavy snow that should fall will also freeze to death many farmland pests, which is extremely beneficial to the growth of various crops in the coming year, so the heavy snow solar term is very good.

agricultural proverbs about heavy snow

1. There are three days of snow in winter and ten years of good harvest.

2. If you don't protect the trees in winter, you can't protect them.

3. Wheat is covered with a foot of quilt this winter, and steamed bread will be piled up next year.

4. It's snowing this winter and eating white flour next year.

5. Half the snow covered mountain, one stone more wheat.

6. Save feces in winter and farm well in the coming year.

7. Snow in the field and wheat in the barn.

8. The snowy river is sealed, and boats are not allowed in the winter solstice.

9. Men are lazy and women are lazy. They turn their eyes when it rains and snows.

10. Half the snow covered mountain, one stone more wheat.

about the daily life and health care of heavy snow

the heavy snow season is winter. It is advisable to go to bed early and get up late, and get up after sunrise to avoid the severe cold and conserve the Yin Qi of the human body. For outdoor sports in winter, it's best to choose between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning after the sun comes out, or between 4:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. In case of cloudy air and dense fog, it is better not to exercise outdoors, but indoors, otherwise it is easy to inhale some bad air of outdoor



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