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In the 24 solar terms, what season is light snow and heavy snow in winter

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The 24 solar terms of

exist in a certain order in our life, that is, in the changes of history. What aspects should we learn about the order of the 24 solar terms? Which season will the heavy snow solar term and light snow solar term come in? This should also be understood.


what season are the heavy snow solar terms and light snow solar terms?

in China is the light snow solar term on November 22 or 23 every year, and the heavy snow solar term is from December 6 to 8 every year. Heavy snow and light snow solar terms are behind the beginning of winter solar terms, which belong to the solar terms in winter.

the difference between heavy snow solar terms and light snow solar terms

the three seasons of heavy snow solar terms and light snow solar terms and their meanings are different: the three seasons of light snow are the first, the rainbow is hidden, the second, the weather rises, the earth's atmosphere drops, and the third is blocked into winter. When it snows, the rainbow hides. When it snows, the Yang in the sky rises and the Yin under the earth falls, resulting in the non intersection of yin and Yang. The three seasons are blocked by heaven and earth, entering a cold winter. There are three periods of heavy snow: one is when the cuckoo does not sing, the other is when the tiger begins to pay, and the third is when the litchi comes out. The first refers to the cold horn bird no longer chirping, the second refers to the tiger's courtship behavior, and the third refers to Liting pulling out new buds. Liting is a kind of orchid, which is also for better growth in the coming year.

how to keep healthy in winter

1. Drink plenty of water

when winter comes, the weather is dry, which leads to our body often in a state of water shortage. For people with poor physique or poor resistance of the elderly, it is easy to get sick because of water shortage, Therefore, after entering the winter, we must remember to replenish water for the body, that is, drink more water. Many people think of drinking water only when they are thirsty. This is wrong. We must drink enough water every day to ensure that our body does not lack water.

2. Keep warm

after entering winter, the weather gradually becomes cold, so you must keep warm in life. If you catch cold in winter, it is easy to cause joint pain or cervical spondylosis. When keeping warm, we must focus on keeping warm feet, shoulders and other parts. In addition, we must pay attention to room ventilation when keeping warm, so as to avoid other diseases caused by poor air circulation, and it is easy to cause cross infection.

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