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Does the heavy snow solar term have a start and end time

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has a very important impact on our lives every year and when each solar term comes, and each solar term has its own characteristics, and the existence corresponds to different seasons. Then, when the snow solar term comes, what aspects can we know its specific time? When will it end?


the beginning and ending time of the heavy snow solar term in 2021

the heavy snow time in 2021: 05:56:55, December 7, the fourth day of November (lunar calendar) in 2021, and the ending time is 23:59:08, December 21, which is the end of the winter solstice solar term.

blessings of the snow solar term

when the snow solar term arrives, send care by SMS. Wear warm clothes and get warm all over. Virus can't invade, health is 100%. Wear a cold hat and have a lively mind. If you can't ask everything, you're smart. I wish you every success and happiness.


in the cold winter, heavy snow comes. First, I greet your health, second, I greet you smoothly, third, I greet you happy, fourth, I greet you happy, fifth, I greet you good luck, sixth, I greet you wonderful, seventh, I greet you auspicious. I wish you a warm and uninterrupted week on the snow festival.


snow solar terms give you "a fire in winter", burn your troubles, burn your worries, burn all your cold and helplessness, ignite your happiness, set off your happiness, light up your warm and happy winter, and have a bright future!


are warm words, just like the warm sun in winter; A kind greeting, with your bright stars. Snow season, the day is cold, the heart is warm, the road is long, you are near, may your mood always be beautiful!

health precautions for snow solar terms

1. Chinese traditional medicine believes that winter belongs to Yin, which is based on strengthening and protecting Yin essence. It is appropriate to drain less body fluid in winter, so "remove cold and warm in winter". It is necessary to prevent cold attack, but do not warm violently, especially avoid thick clothes and heavy fur, get drunk to the fire, bake the abdomen and back, and sweat violently.

2. Always keep your feet clean and dry, wash and change your socks frequently, wash your feet with warm water every day, and massage and stimulate the acupoints of your feet at the same time. Keep walking for more than half an hour every day and move your feet. In addition, it is also very important to choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable, warm, lightweight and good moisture absorption.

3. Although sweating and urination are reduced in winter, the cells of brain and body organs still need water to nourish to ensure normal metabolism. In winter, the daily water supplement should not be less than 2000 ~ 3000 ml, so as to supplement the water demand of the human body.

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